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This is one of those facials that will get you hooked from the first time you try it.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you. After all, who doesn’t love leaving the spa with radiant, plump, even-toned skin?


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The technology and ingredients

The Art Deep Oxygen Skin Therapy uses nanotechnology to infuse pure oxygen to stimulate oxygenation and circulation within the skin.

The treatment also uses potent yet natural ingredients such as organic pine bark and mushroom peptides to repair and enhance skin quality.

The infusion of oxygen enhances the absorption of these antioxidants and skin rejuvenating peptides within the skin, giving you an immediate healthy glow.

This infusion of pure oxygen into the skin also helps your skin to clear away carbon monoxide and bio waste, enhancing blood circulation and reducing skin stress and fatigue so your complexion looks fresh and more youthful.


The roadtest

The 90-minute treatment begins with a lavender-scented calming mist spritzed onto my face to help me relax.

This is followed by a double cleanse using essential oil infused products to hydrate skin even as it cleans.

The therapist then starts a microdermabrasion to get rid of surface deep skin cells, followed by a gentle extraction to decongest clogged pores.

The manual extraction was relatively painless despite being extremely thorough. She then begins the infusion of pure oxygen part of the facial.

The cooling oxygen mist is also infused with hydrating, soothing, brightening and anti-ageing ingredients.

I am then treated to a facial massage for 10 minutes using a hydrating gel to help seal in the benefits of the oxygen infusion and moisturise skin.

A nourishing stem cell coconut sheet mask is then placed on my face for 20 minutes, during which I got a relaxing shoulder, neck and head massage. As a last step, basic skincare is applied to my skin.

Very often, my complexion will be a little red and patchy immediately after a facial due to exfoliation and extraction. This was the total opposite.

My skin looked dewy and luminuous, and my blackheads were all cleared away but there was no redness as evidence I had just done any extraction.

My sensitive skin also felt softer and smoother, and fine lines on my forehead also appeared less obvious. I’ve definitely added this treatment to my must-have list.

$240 for 90 minutes, at the ART by Verita clinic (#04-01 Wheelock Place, tel: 6732- 0836)