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We love discovering new tools to help perfect our complexions with as little pain as possible, so the fact that the PicoSure aesthetic laser is practically painless makes it the perfect choice to get rid of facial pigmentation and fine lines.

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The PicoSure is a laser device that uses patented technology to increase the rate of bursts to that of ‘picoseconds’, making it so much faster than the usual nanosecond lasers used for removing pigmentation, dark spots and fine lines. These ‘ultra-short bursts of energy’ hit your skin in trillionths of a second. According to the brand this means PicoSure can deliver ‘energy where it’s needed without damage to the surrounding skin’. 

The PicoSure laser was originally designed to remove unwanted tattoos, so it sends photomechanical energy into the tattoo pigment and shatters it into much smaller, micro-particles, which are more easily eliminated from the body. This same technology is what enables it to be used for facial pigmentation without damaging the surrounding skin.

There is currently only one PicoSure unit in Singapore at Dr Joseph Yang’s Aesthetic & Medical Clinic in Wisma Atria.

The biggest difference between the PicoSure laser and other lasers that are commonly used for removing pigmentation or fine lines is that you really don’t need to use any sort of painkiller or numbing cream. According to Dr Yang, numbing cream actually interferes with the way lasers work, causing them to be less effective than you’d expect.  

Because the PicoSure laser operates at such a fast speed you are barely aware of it working across your skin, by the time you realise it, the laser has moved on to another area of your face. 

Dr Yang only uses ice cold water to keep the heat in the skin down; there are no painkillers needed nor numbing cream. After the treatment you need to lie with an iced cloth over your face to continue to reduce the heat for about 15-20 minutes, and then they apply a ‘recovery cream’ which soothes any sort of redness or inflammation, but really you can easily go right back to work. Dr Yang suggests you don’t do anything that will ‘heat up your face’ like exercise; but that’s about it. The next day you can slap on your makeup and off you go. There really is no ‘down time’ as such.

The doctor generally recommends you do around six rounds of PicoSure laser the first time; he will adjust the strength of the machine depending on whether or not you need ‘spot attention’ if you have various darker areas. I ended up having five rounds of PicoSure with practically no issues. I experienced some ‘flaking’ on my forehead and nose after round four but that was most likely due to the fact that I got on a plane two days after the procedure and then spent 10 days in icy Tokyo. Using a richer night cream for a few days sorted it out easily. 

I have to say that I am totally amazed by the impact this procedure had. I personally didn’t think very much had changed – after all, you rarely see small changes in your face, right? – but I’ve had tens of people tell me I look ‘so much fresher’ or that I’ve lost weight (I definitely haven’t), or even just going out of their way to tell me that I look ‘good’. 

My complexion is definitely brighter, small dots of brown pigmentation have disappeared, fine lines around my nose, crowsfeet and on my forehead have gone, there’s been some lessening of deeper forehead lines and even some lightening of my eyebags. 

The biggest change is that I feel comfortable about leaving the house without any makeup at all. I’m almost ready to let go of my comfort coverage of CC cream and go barefaced to work – something I haven’t done in over 10 years!

PicoSure laser treatments are available from Dr Joseph Yang at Aesthetic & Medical Clinic, Wisma Atria #17-04 (the office tower), 435 Orchard Road. Call +65 6733 7073 for an appointment. Go to for more information. Image: Showbit