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How this anti-pollution facial benefits your skin

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Interest in anti-pollution skincare has been steadily climbing over the past few years, and for good reason.

City dwellers (i.e. most of us in Singapore) are constantly exposed to polluted air and UV radiation, in turn leading to free radicals wreaking havoc on our skin. Thanks to the increased savviness of consumers (that’s you!), companies are churning out products slapped with “anti-pollution” labels faster than ever. Truthfully, most of these products rely on antioxidants like vitamin C and E to neutralise the effects of free radicals. Don’t get me wrong – these are tried and tested ingredients that work, but I was itching to try something new.

And so, when Ageless Medi-Aesthetics reached out and offered to let me try their Miracle Defense anti-pollution facial ($300 for first trial session, $1,200 for four sessions) that promised to give me “city-proof” skin, I was intrigued.

The medical-grade facial takes advantage of prebiotics and probiotics, as well as ingredients such as Japanese cedar extract and jojoba wax to naturally strengthen your skin’s barrier function so that it can protect itself from environmental pollution and blue light. According to Dr Lam Bee Lan, boss lady at Ageless Medi-Aesthetics, Lactobacillus Casei can repair sun-damaged skin and reduce skin sensitivity. There’s also Lactobacillus acidophilus, capable of producing lactic acid to improve the overall texture and luminosity of your skin. The probiotics are fuelled by prebiotics in the form of ogliosaccharides. As the probiotics break down on your skin, it creates hyaluronic acid, peptides,vitamins and cermaides. Just as it balances gut pH, probiotics in skincare balances the pH to be neutral to slightly acidic, as healthy skin should be. All in all, it’s a feast for your face.


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But enough about the nitty gritty – let’s get down to business. I was brought into Dr. Lam’s office for a quick consultation. She quickly surmised that I have seborrheic dermatitis, a skin condition that gives rise to scaly, itchy and flaky skin on the oily areas on my face.

Thankfully, Dr. Lam said that the condition may be improved after the Miracle Defense facial, thanks to the inclusion of probiotics.

After consultation, a therapist led me into a dimly-lit room and started off the facial with a Lime Caviar Peel. Despite its name, the peel did not sting at all. An ampoule containing pre- and probiotics was then applied to my face and left to absorb, followed by the big guns: a Radio Frequency (RF) machine that stimulates lymphatic drainage, as well as collagen and elastin production. According to the therapist, the RF machine also helps active ingredients penetrate deeper into the skin. The process was pretty similar to IPL, as a cooling gel was applied to my skin before the therapist zapped problem areas. It felt a little warm, but that’s about it. No pain, no stinging, nothing unpleasant at all.

Half of my face was worked on first, and I could see that the newly-treated side of my face was visibly firmer and my nasolabial fold was practically non-existent, despite my uncontrollable gleeful grin. For some reason, my v-line was also sharpened. Take that, all you K-Pop idols with perfect pointy chins.



How this anti-pollution facial benefits your skin

Photo: Showbit


Determined to learn everything about the facial, I forced myself to stay awake during the fourth and fifth steps where more probiotic creams and serums were applied. At the sixth step, however, I was defeated by a very soothing anti-ageing modelling mask. I woke up to a glowing and even-toned complexion – shocking since the facial took place after a very long day at work.

It has been exactly a week since the facial, and my skin is noticeably clearer.

Has my skin been “city-proofed”? I’m not sure about that, but some people, including a very enthusiastic taxi driver, said I have great skin. The price tag is pretty hefty, but the results speak for itself. I’ll definitely be saving up for another round. If you have the opportunity to do so, definitely give the Miracle Defense anti-pollution facial a whirl.  


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