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Sulwhasoo new Perfecting Cushion EX

This is a reformulated version of Sulwhasoo’s Perfecting Cushion, which was positioned as the brand’s full coverage cushion foundation with hydrating properties.

What’s new? The new formulation is said to have better coverage on the skin and promises to be more long lasting. It also has new moisturising technology which helps skin retain and balance moisture so that it feels supple and smooth.  

Our test-drive: The previous formula was my favourite of Sulwhasoo’s cushions as I have oily skin that’s prone to blemishes, and therefore need its fuller coverage. It was one of the only cushion foundations that didn’t fade and slide off my greasy skin by midday, but can last till the end of a work day, if I stay indoors and in my air-conditioned office. But it required touch-ups if, say, I walked out to lunch, something this new formula proved one better.

The staying power of the new EX formula lasted not only through walks out to lunch, but also perspiration plus some dabbing with a tissue. It also covered enlarged pores better, even without a smoothing makeup base, and yet it never becomes cakey. My skin did seem more balanced too, my oily T-zone was less slick and the drier areas like the cheeks didn’t feel as tight. It’s definitely going to stay in my daily makeup pouch from now on. What’s more, the brand is bringing it in in seven shades, the widest shade range it has for its cushion foundations ever.

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion EX, $80 for a set with two 15g cushions, available in 7 shades.


Fancl MCO Mild Cleansing Oil

The Japanese brand has had this cleansing oil for 20 years now, constantly reformulating it over the years to keep up with the ever improving staying power of makeup. The aim, according to Candy Chan, the brand’s communications director, is to have one formula that dissolves all kinds of makeup from waterproof eyeliner to long-wearing foundation and lipstick.

What’s new? In line with the brand’s aim to keep its cleansing oil relevant and super effective, the new formula has nano tech and includes new water based makeup removal ingredients. This is on top of the mix of oils meticulously concocted to dissolve the full spectrum of makeup out there. It also has Keratotic Plug Removal Oil, which helps to dissolve stubborn keratotic plugs (dead skin and clogged pores) more effectively, as well as added ceramides and natural moisturising factors to keep skin healthy and supple.

Our test-drive: I’ve used the previous versions of the Mild Cleansing Oil on and off over the years, and usually go back to my micellar cleansing water as I prefer the sensation of a water based formula over an oil emulsion. However, this new version has an even lighter texture. In fact, I enjoy massaging it on my face and watching all the makeup dissolving in the blink of an eye.

Once I wet my hands and continue massaging my face, the oil transforms into a water emulsion that doesn’t feel like an oil at all. And it rinses off more easily and quicker than before, plus, when I swipe with my softener on a cotton pad, my skin is spotlessly clean. My blackheads have lessened too, after using this for a couple of weeks. I wish it came in a bigger bottle though, because I’m using a good amount every day to take it all off.

Fancl MCO Mild Cleansing Oil, $30 for 120ml.


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Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer

This is a cult favourite concealer and a must-have in many It girls and beauty editor’s cosmetic bags. It hides every blemish and imperfection flawlessly and can be relied on for lasting coverage.

What’s new: The brand added SPF25/PA+++ so that the concealer also prevents blemishes and spots from further darkening, and shields skin from any more UV damage. The luxury brand also improved the texture of the coverage so that it adheres better and blends more smoothly with a thinner layer.

Our test-drive: This pricey concealer will set you back over $100 but is still a mainstay in many makeup pouches, simply because once you try it, nothing else compares. So, it’s hard to imagine this top of the range concealer can get any better.

It did feel silkier on the skin but applied directly from the tube, there was less tugging on my skin, but apart from that, I felt that it blended with the same ease as before. The coverage was just as perfect too. It hides under-eye circles without any creasing, red zits became a neutral skin tone instantly, and even mattified my oily nose and kept it that way all day. The added SPF is a bonus that gives me peace of mind that my skin is better protected.

Cle de Peau Beaute Concealer, $105, available in 6 shades.


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