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Credit: Ponys Makeup / Instagram

A red lip never goes out of style. And this season we’re seeing not just matte reds but cream and gloss finishes. Pair this look with polished skin and minimal makeup for best results. Just remember to keep the intensity of your red lip strong.

Still unsure if you can pull off red lipstick? Take these tips here.

#1: Take your time 

Photo: Ponys Makeup / Instagram

Larry says: Time is key in achieving the perfect red lip.

To get a more defined lip, use a creamy lip liner to draw out the shape you want, then fill it in with lipstick. Outlining the lip also prevents the over-placement of lip colour.

Next, apply a layer of lipstick – and leave that on for two to three minutes. This allows the colour to sit on the lips and ensure that it’s properly distributed.

Then, place a piece of tissue over your lips and kiss it. This takes away excess lipstick. This is not the same as placing a tissue between your lips and blotting – that actually takes away most of the lip colour you’ve just applied.

Apply a second layer of lipstick to intensify the colour.

If you want a shiny finish, top up the colour with a red gloss, applying it from the centre of the lip outwards. Keeping most of the glossiness in the middle of the lips gives you optimum shine.

#2: Size and shape does not matter 

Photo: Ponys Makeup / Instagram

Everyone can wear a bright red lip, says Yeo, regardless of lip size and shape. Here’s how:

For small and thin lips:

Use a lip liner and draw it slightly over your natural lip line to make the lips look fuller. (But do be aware that if your lips are ultra thin, you may look like you have a cut on the face.) Next, fill in with your chosen red.

For full and wide lips: 

Channel your inner Kardashian-Jenner sister and embrace your full lips. Apply red lipstick with confidence and pair it with a strong brow to balance the look.

#3: Yes, it’s possible to have a long-lasting non-matte red lip 

Photo: Ponys Makeup / Instagram

The trick: use a lip stain as a base, says Yeo, so that your lips are stained with this vibrant red hue first. Then top this with a glossy red.

#4: A red lip is notoriously difficult to remove cleanly, but it is not impossible 

Photo: Ponys Makeup / Instagram

Step 1: Slather lots of lip balm over your lips and leave it on for two to three minutes. This allows the moisturising oils in the balm to dissolve the colour, making it easier to take off.

Step 2: Using a baby wipe (because it’s generally gentler on the skin), remove colour.

Step 3: Saturate a second baby wipe with micellar water (Yeo recommends Senka All Clear Water Micellar Formula Vibrant White) and wipe off any remaining colour.

Got a particularly stubborn lipstick that refuses to budge, repeat Steps 1-3 until all traces of colour are removed.