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A sweep of eyeshadow colour on your lids can make all the difference between a no-time-minimal-effort look and one that says trend-setter or put-together. But let’s be honest, very few of us have the time to sit in front of our mirrors slowly applying and blending our eyeshadow.

So here are four ways to put on eyeshadow that are quick and easy, for busy mornings or even end-of-day additions before you head out for dinner and drinks with your friends.


#1. The simple smoky eye

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Smoky eye makeup is notorious for being tricky and requiring lots of time blending various shades of sooty colour. But it really doesn’t have to be.

Our quick method: Start with a clean canvas, conceal dark circles well (or risk looking like a sleep-deprived zombie). Then with a fine-tipped eyeshadow brush, pick up a dark eyeshadow colour like black, navy blue, or even dark purple or green. Brush this along and close to your upper lash line. It should look like a thick eyeliner stroke. Then use a fluffy eyeshadow brush and gradually buff it outwards using small circular motions. Once this is done, just apply a stroke of intense black eyeliner and a few coats of mascara and you’re good to go.


#2. One-stroke metallic eyes

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Metallic eyeshadow is bang on trend and so eye-catching.

​Our quick method: All you need is a cream eyeshadow stick in a metallic finish. We recommend warmer tones like bronze, rosewood and burnished gold hues. To use, just swipe on your lids along your lash line. If you’re feeling adventurous, draw it on in a thicker line. You can choose to blend it out with a synthetic eyeshadow brush for a more diffused metallic sheen, or leave it in a stark line for more intensity. Of course, finish with liquid eyeliner for definition and coats of mascara for fluttery lashes.


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#3. Neon pop eyes

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Super bright shades that pop are a fun makeup addition for weekends or if your office environment is creative and cool. Colours are a great way to show off your personality after all.

​Our quick method: The good thing about using neon bright shades? One colour is all your need. Use a fine-tipped eyeshadow brush, damp the bristles a little so it can pick up more colour for more intense colour application, sweep it over your chosen eyeshadow shade and paint it directly over your eyelids. As the colour is meant to be intense, there’s no need to blend it out. If you have double eyelids, you can paint on a thicker line as it gets a bit hidden in the folds of your eyelids when you open your eyes. Slick on eyeliner and some mascara to finish the look.


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#4. Sparkle and shine


For something a little prettier, go for a touch of shimmer on your lids.

​Our quick method: We like a dab of eye gloss or shimmer shadow in light colours like cream, sand brown or warm pink. Eye glosses give lids an ethereal shine but can be trickier to maintain, especially if you have oily lids; Use an eyeshadow primer to get the best staying power.

With shimmer eyeshadow, go easy on the application too as the shiny finish can give eyelids the illusion of being puffy. Apply on the inner corner of the lids near the tear ducts, and blend outwards for the best effect.