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Post-CNY glow-up guide Tips for clearer skin and a toner body

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In the aftermath of festivities like Chinese New Year, it’s not uncommon to notice breakouts or even a bit of weight gain. After indulging in pineapple tarts and other treats, you might find your skin taking the brunt of it, as these sugary snacks (while delicious) tend to have a high glycaemic index which can contribute to clogged pores. Late night mahjong sessions might also contribute to dull-looking skin. 

“How soon these above-mentioned effects appear differs from individual to individual, but they can appear as soon as the next day,” says Dr Sean Lim, resident doctor at BMF Clinic, which provides medical aesthetic solutions designed to tackle a range of skin and body concerns. Launched in January, it is the newest brand under BMF Group, which has been specialising in beauty treatments for over four decades. 

According to Dr Lim, patients who come in for treatments post festivities are “often looking to rejuvenate their skin or are concerned with excess weight/adipose tissue”. So, if you’re looking to refocus and get back on track with your skin and body goals this year, here are three strategies to help. 

Guests including Sara-Ann Shuen Krishnamoorthy (far left), Rebecca Eu (third from left), Leanne Ho (fourth from left), Tyen Rasif (sixth from left), and Marion Mueller (seventh from left) attended BMF Clinic’s soft launch in Jan this year. Credit: BMF Clinic

Soothe skin breakouts 

One of the reasons people tend to book appointments after a festive period is to manage an increase in breakouts and congested skin. Laser facial treatments are one method that can help. 

Says Dr Lim: “Some lasers work by generating a specific wavelength which targets and breaks down melanin, allowing pigmentation issues to be addressed over time. Other lasers work by stimulating collagen and elastin in the skin to target acne scars.” 

For instance, the ADVATx treatment is a US FDA/CE-approved treatment that uses a pure yellow laser to target a variety of skin conditions including pigmentation and acne scars. 

It combines two wavelengths. One helps soothe inflammatory conditions such as rosacea and inflammatory acne. The other helps to stimulate new collagen production with the aim to improve skin texture, fade acne scars, refine skin tone, and reduce the appearance of open pores and fine lines.

Dr Sean Lim of BMF Clinic explains that different types of lasers work to treat different skin issues such as pigmentation and acne scars. Credit: BMF Clinic

Nourish tired skin with a deep cleansing facial

To restore a vibrant glow to fatigued and dull or lacklustre skin, a hydrating facial treatment is a good first step as it helps purify the skin at a deeper level. Says Dr Lim: “Hydrating facial treatments help to cleanse, exfoliate and infuse the skin with serums which help to target oily, enlarged and clogged pores as well as rehydrate the skin.”

The non-invasive HydraFacial Syndeo at BMF Clinic does all this with the added benefits of red and blue LED light therapy. 

“Red light helps promote collagen production, reduces inflammation and improves skin texture, whereas the blue light kills bacteria and slows down oil production, eliminating two causes of acne at once,” Dr Lim explains. 

Tone up with a body-shaping treatment

Refining your silhouette and addressing areas of stubborn fat may also be top-of-mind once festivities are over. 

Besides cultivating a healthy diet and exercise regime, non-surgical body-shaping or contouring treatments, such as cryolipolysis (fat freezing), radiofrequency (RF), or ultrasound and laser treatments, offer strategic solutions to help sculpt and define your body shape. These specifically target challenging zones including a double chin, the lower abdomen, love handles and bra fat. 

Non-invasive body-shaping treatments such as radiofrequency help target stubborn fat for a more contoured physique. Credit: 123RF

One such treatment is InMode Body, a non-invasive body-contouring procedure that combines two kinds of targeted RF technologies to gradually heat and break down superficial fat cells beneath the skin, as well as tighten lax skin for a more toned look.

Dr Lim cautions that for body-shaping treatments, “mild discomfort is usually expected, either as a cold or warm sensation, but the use of a topical anaesthetic can provide a more comfortable overall experience”.

At BMF Clinic, treatments begin with a detailed consultation so that the doctor can better understand your concerns, expectations and medical history. A treatment plan is then tailored to your needs. 

Ultimately to get the most out of your treatments, Dr Lim’s biggest piece of advice is that post-treatment care is as important as the treatment itself. 

“Proper care and lifestyle adjustments can enhance and compliment results. I would advise patients to keep things simple and to discuss with their doctor to find something that integrates best into their lifestyle.”

BMF Clinic is at #B1-157/158 Parkway Parade. For enquiries or to make an appointment, call 1800 7777 222 or WhatsApp 8082 3052.

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