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cruelty free beauty brands singapore

If you had the option of using a beauty product that was created without harming any animals, would you choose to? I’m fairly certain that most of us would.

These days, it doesn’t take a lot of effort to choose cruelty-free beauty. There are so many brands out there that don’t test on animals, and a percentage of them are also making the switch over to becoming completely vegan (that means no animal testing or ingredients sourced from animals). Something else worth noting is that it’s also possible to have a company that’s cruelty-free, despite the fact that their parent company isn’t. There are quite a few examples of those, and we’ll point them out when we get into each brand.

There is one thing that can quite easily get a beauty company thrown off the cruelty-free list, and that’s if their products are marketed in China, since China makes animal testing mandatory.

Keep reading for a list of all our fave beauty brands that are also cruelty free. Do note that not all brands are vegan, though many are and some are on their way to becoming completely vegan.

cruelty free beauty brands singapore

Cruelty Free (CF) Beauty Brands:

Anastasia Beverly Hills

While not widely available in Singapore, this brand can easily be found on sites like Beautybay, Beautylish, Carousell and Shopee. We love it for the massive range of high-quality brow products, though it also produced one of the most popular makeup palettes of last year which continues to be sold out everywhere – the Modern Renaissance Palette.


Sephora Singapore sells wonderfully affordable lashes by Ardell. The lash bands are really thin, which makes them extra comfortable on the eyelids, though a little tricky to manage. The great thing is there’s a large variety of styles, from natural brown to dramatic ones in every imaginable hue, so you can buy and try an array of styles without burning too big of a hole in your wallet.

Beauty Blender

Everyone’s favourite makeup sponge brand is not just cruelty-free, but 100 percent vegan as well. Whether you want a foundation sponge; a tiny one for concealer; or a (recently launched) medium-sized one for blusher, it seems that few brands have come close to achieving Beauty Blender levels of makeup sponge perfection.


If the name Champagne Pop means anything to you, you’ll be psyched to hear that Becca is also on our CF list. While parent company Estee Lauder isn’t CF, Becca has pledged its commitment to sticking to its CF status guns. We sure hope that holds true!

Charlotte Tilbury

Another incredibly popular brand that’s not so readily available in brick-and-mortar stores on our shores (you can shop the brand on, Charlotte Tilbury boasts gorgeous eyeshadow quads and lipsticks sheathed in super posh packaging.


We’ve sung praises about ColourPop’s affordable makeup for months now, and are ecstatic to note it has also made our CF list. The brand has also just launched their first range of pressed eyeshadows, which we can’t wait to try. Also worth checking out: Super Shock Eyeshadows, Creme Gel Liners, Lippie Stix, and Lippie Pencils.


When it comes to skincare and facials, one brand we’re always inclined to trust is Dermalogica (we tried out their face mapping facial last year And despite being under Unilever (which isn’t CF), Dermalogica remains so.

First Aid Beauty

Healing face creams, masks, and lip balms are the skin saviours you’ll want and need from this beauty brand. A travel must-have? The Ultra Repair Lip Therapy to prevent chapped puckers.


It’s not all pretty packaging and fabulous formulas with this brand. Buy that exorbitantly expensive (but absolutely amazing) foundation knowing your money is going to a brand with its heart in the right place.

Kat Von D

Fierce beauty, full-coverage and high-quality formulas are what Kat Von D beauty is known for. From flawless Shade + Light palettes to waterproof long-wear liquid lipsticks and a foundation that claims to be able to conceal tattoos, the brand’s products are an indisputable hit with beauty junkies. Kat isn’t just about being cruelty-free – she’s also moving the brand towards becoming 100 percent vegan. Check out our interview with her where we talked cats, beauty and life.


This brand is probably known best for its fun and fizzy Bath Bombs, but Lush has everything from bath products to skincare and even hair care – all handmade to boot. The brand also uses raw ingredients as far as possible and avoid suppliers that are not CF as well.


While parent company Shiseido is not CF, Nars has continued to be cruelty-free in their endeavours. It’s made some of our favourite concealers, foundations, and of course well-nigh iconic blushers like Orgasm.


If you want affordable lipsticks, eyeshadows and eyeliners (and we mean seriously affordable), then definitely give Nyx a shot. It’s got some killer products that will let you put together an entire makeup look for under 50 dollars. Again, the brand is owned by a non CF parent company, L’Oreal, but is committed to remaining cruelty-free.


While the brand’s customers were understandably nervous when Kose acquired Tarte, the brand has also chosen to retain their CF status. Tarte is one of this beauty writer’s favourite brands ever, largely due to some amazing quality eyeshadow and blushers which are also formulated with natural Amazonian clay.

Urban Decay

Another brand under L’Oreal, edgy beauty brand Urban Decay has remained cruelty-free, for which we are eternally grateful. Even if you aren’t a fan of its timeless and trendsetting Naked palettes, you can’t deny it’s got some superior quality makeup setting sprays.


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