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The su:m37 Secret Essence and Secret Essence Cushion
Get ready for a dazzling Christmas with su:m37°.

The brand’s 2018 Artist Collaboration Edition introduces two limited edition packaging for its beloved best-sellers, the Secret Essence and Secret Essence Cushion.

A new look
Collaborating with Korean installation artist, Jang In-Hee, the design is a reinterpretation of Jang’s Reflections. Titled “Time”, the mirrored fragments symbolise time itself, intrinsically linking it to su:m37°’s unique fermentation process, which can be found in all of the brand’s products.

For the festive season, the su:m37° Secret Essence and Secret Essence Cushion compact are getting a new “outfit”. Adorned with golden flakes that represent Jang’s mirrored fragments, they embody the reconstruction of time and the presence of life when pieced together.


The Secret Essence
The su:m37 Secret Essence

The su:m37° Secret Essence plays an integral part in your daily skincare routine. Derived from more than 80 botanical extracts, this antioxidant-rich essence harnesses skin’s natural healing powers to repair and rejuvenate to reduce the signs of ageing. And for a limited time only, the Secret Essence Special Edition is now upsized — 230ml as compared to the regular 80ml, so you’ll get more beauty goodness to go around.


The Secret Essence Cushion
The su:m37 Secret Essence Cushion
The Secret Essence Cushion, on the other hand, is a synergy of the brand’s iconic Secret Essence and a moist cushion compact to keep skin hydrated and give complexion a dewy glow, just like your favourite Korean actresses. The Cushion also contains a Triple Fit System for a second-skin finish, ensuring that you look natural throughout the day.

So treat yourself or your loved one this Christmas with these special su:m37° beauty treats today.

The su:m37° Secret Essence 230ml Special Edition ($202) and Secret Essence Cushion Special Edition ($84, comes in shades #01 and #02 and with two refills) are available at all su:m37° counters.



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Valid for new customers only. From now until 30 November 2018.