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REVIEW new Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate THUMBNAIL

We all know that the skin around your eyes is more delicate than that of the rest of your face; it’s also more prone to fine lines and wrinkles which are caused as much by environmental damage like squinting at your computer screen all day, wearing eye makeup, false eyelashes and the corresponding harsh cleaning products and tugging used to remove them as they are by actual aging.

REVIEW new Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate FACE

Shiseido has done over 20 years of research into the skin’s immune system in the search for products to correct this sort of environment damage ‒ and the natural effects of aging. The brand’s new Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate is based on this research and is said to make the skin around your eyes “stronger and more beautiful” (we’ll read that as meaning smoother, more wrinkle free and with fewer eyebags).

The skin around the eye area is also generally thinner than that on the rest of your face, which naturally leads to more wrinkles and also the dreaded “panda eyes” or dark circles (dark under-eye areas are caused because you are actually seeing the blood and tissue through the thinner skin); this new Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate is also supposed to make your eye-area skin thicker and more resilient. 

REVIEW new Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate PRODUCT

The various active ingredients in the new concentrate include Gingko Biloba Leaf Extract, perilla extract, wild thyme extract in Shiseido’s “ImuCalm Compound” plus rose and lotus “elements” in the brand’s Ultimune Complex. There is also something called the “ImuMoisture Extract” to stop skin drying out that contains “Ectoin White Birch Extract”. All these ingredients come in the form of a “silky texture oil veil” that has water droplets suspended in the serum and that burst when blended into the skin, adding additional moisture.

So, more moisture, stronger (thicker), smoother skin around the eyes? Yes. Whatever the various ingredients are designed to do; they do.

After about a week of continuous use I saw a marked improvement in the fine lines at the outer corners of my eyes (crows feet?) and the overall eye area did feel smoother and “bouncier”. Did my under-eye dark circles disappear? Not entirely, but there was some general improvement in “brightness” in the area. Was my skin more moisturised? Yes, perhaps a little too much.

My only issue with this product is that you really do need to be very sparing with the amount you use. It’s recommended to use one “pump” of the concentrate (after cleansing; morning and night) but don’t pump too hard … you only need an amount similar to about half the size of a small pea to do both eyes. The gel texture of the concentrate goes on smoothly and is quickly absorbed but if you use too much you can see the excess just sitting on top of your skin. Greasy eyes make it hard to apply makeup and keep that colour on throughout the day.

So unless the skin around your eye area is very, very, very dry go easy on the amount of concentrate you use. Otherwise, give this product a try for improved skin quality in the eye area; the more I use it, the better the skin appears to be.

Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Eye Concentrate ($98 for 15ml) is available from Shiseido counters at most department stores. Go to for a complete list of outlets.

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