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Maggie Tan, 39, manager of iBeauty Medispa and Mary Tan, 60, director of iBeauty Medispa. Photography: Winston Chuang


Have you ever disapproved of any of your daughter’s beauty choices?
“Yes. I like the au naturel look, so I’d prefer it if my daughter wore less makeup or even none at all. I think this would lead to fewer clogged pores and better skin.”

Have you learnt any beauty tips from your daughter?
“She taught me a natural and effective way to exfoliate: mix almond powder with honey. It is a simple and cheap method, and it doesn’t irritate the skin.”

You can’t stand your daughter’s…
“Makeup routine – I think she spends too much time applying makeup! I’d much rather she eat more healthy food (instead of piling on makeup) to get that natural glow. She also has a vast collection of makeup tools, which truly amazes me – I prefer to apply everything with my fingers.”


What’s the best beauty advice your mother has given you?
“Wear a well-fitting bra. A bra with proper support can make your figure appear more proportionate and voluptuous.”

What’s the strangest thing your mother has told you?
“She encourages me to literally slap skincare products onto the face and body instead of patting them on or massaging them in. She says slapping improves skin elasticity and aids absorption. I have seen her doing this when I was young and I think it works, because her skin is still firm and supple even at 60!”

Would you say your attitude towards beauty is similar to your mother’s?
“We both believe in a holistic approach to beauty, which includes a good skincare routine, a healthy diet and adequate sleep. But I’m definitely more laid-back. For example, on days when I’m really exhausted, I’m happy to go to bed after applying only eye cream and moisturiser. My mum, on the other hand, never fails to go through her entire skincare and body-care routine.”

This story was first published in HerWorld Magazine May 2015.

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