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blackpink rose

Credit: Rose/Instagram

ICYDK The floating eyeliner trend is back! Spotted recently on Blackpink Rosé’ at the 2021 Met Gala, the trend entails drawing a graphic arc with a liquid eyeliner on the crease of the eye, instead of the lash line. 

Credit: Rose/Instagram

Besides being incredibly easy to execute, it also works on all eye shapes. Simply follow the natural curve of the eye socket. 

Another tip to bear in mind: placement. If it is too high up, you might look startled. If it’s too low, it won’t be noticeable. We recommend working with a pencil liner or stick eyeshadow to create the line before tracing over it with your liquid liner. When creating the arc, you want to tilt your chin up slightly but look down in the mirror so you can see the groove of your socket. 

For those with oily eyelids, prime the eye area with a primer or matte eyeshadow base to prevent smudging. 

The beauty of this trend lies in its versatility. You can play around with different colours and textures. If you’re feeling bold, opt for colourful hues such as green and orange. For a more subtle take on the trend, a sharp black line works just as well. It’s completely up to you! 

Since the focal point of your makeup is your floating crease, keep the rest of your makeup clean and minimal. Think a few swipes of mascara and barely-there lips and cheeks.