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Marc Jacob

Renowned American designer talks about beauty with his new line of make up. Image:

Interviewed at the luxurious Hôtel Meurice in Paris, the designer sat down with on March 13 to talk about his new Marc Jacobs Beauty line.

After launching in the US and then Dubai last fall, Marc Jacobs Beauty arrived in Europe on March 6. The products are set to appear in Asian and Brazilian stores later this year. At a Paris Fashion Week party earlier this month, the designer also unveiled the face of the line, 68-year-old Oscar winning actress Jessica Lange.

How would you define female beauty? 

“My ideal beauty is someone who finds things or finds her look in makeup because they please her, they suit her, they may reference things that she likes or she may be experimental or whatever it is but again they are her self-expression and she really indulges in the luxury of makeup because it is something that she loves and not for others.

“There is a feature that I always notice; the eyes. I love eye makeup so I guess if we were to talk about the feature I notice first it would be a good eye.”

The range claims to be as daring as your designs for clothing and accessories, especially when it comes to forms and colors. Did you try to make it resemble your own world?

“We arrived at the classic elements I wanted for the packaging and where we wanted to take things a bit further and what other eye palettes were, if they were usually six then we wanted to do seven, we wanted to make sure that the color was very apparent in the packaging and so the nail polish had a very particular shape and we basically arrived at each different packaging because of what the product was — but again, through the process, we came to the sort of vocabulary that we wanted it streamlined and sleek but also soft, tactile and feminine.

“I really like the idea of black and I have a black lacquered Jean Dun and coffee table and I just said that I think it should look like black lacquer, I think it should have the depth and richness of a beautiful lacquer table.

“It is definitely important to be recognizable. I think we certainly wanted to do something that felt contemporary and modern without being cold or religious or minimal. But we wanted it also to have a feeling of timeless. There has to be newness, there has to be the unexpected and then there also have to be things that are your version of things that are universally liked.”

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