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Spring is upon us and we can’t wait to get past the dreary season of dark makeup hues and slap on some much-needed pops of colours.

This season, we’re looking to Maquillage’s new range of cheek colours – True Cheek – to give us that rosy glow we’ve always wanted.

The blush is available in two coral hues that aims to brighten and lend radiance to your skin tone. But unlike any other blush, we were most intrigued by its delivery system.


True Cheek is presented in a compact tube-like packaging that is slightly larger than the size of an average lipstick – which fits perfectly into any makeup pouch. When you pop open the cap, you’re greeted by the brush (slightly smaller than the kabuki brush) that is developed using 100 per cent horsehair. The fine bristles are soft to touch and gentle to the skin.

If you’re wondering where the blush is, it sits nicely compacted inside the top of the cap, so just by twisting the brush with the cap on, you’re actually picking up colour pigments on the brush.

Customise the colour and finish you want by simply turning the dial and increasing the number of rotations. Achieve a barely-there tinge of rosiness with one rotation to a full-on coral hue on your cheekbones with three rotations.

The blush is also formulated with Shiseido’s first creamy fit coating formulation – which means every colorant and pearl particle is coated with creamy fit oil to make the powder adhere to the skin better, creating an even finish.

The best part? The blush is refillable.  Just purchase the cap when you run out of the powder and you’re good to go.

The Maquillage True Cheek, $56, is now available at all Shiseido counters islandwide.