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While doing some yoga can help improve skin texture and quality by promoting blood circulation towards the face, that’s not what the “yoga skin” skincare trend is about. 

The look is created by Scottish makeup artist Sarah Hill, who has worked with the likes of Kanye West and Rose Huntington-Whiteley.

In an Instagram post, Sarah describes the look as: “healthy, glowing, hydrated, radiant, sheer and natural (skin). Skin that looks like skin at its best,” as if you’ve just stepped out of the yoga studio.


How is yoga skin different to the glass skin trend?


The Yogaskin Technique I created to make the skin look lit from within. Healthy, glowing, hydrated, radiant, sheer and natural. Skin that looks like skin at its very best. ✴︎Step One – Cleanse and prep your skin as normal. Let your skincare absorb fully before adding the next step. ✴︎Step Two – Apply a small amount of primer (silicone free). ✴︎Step Three – 3-4 Pumps of your favourite foundation liquid. Preferably Sheer/Medium (water based). No full cover. ✴︎Step Four – One drop of your favourite skincare facial oil ✴︎Step Five – One drop of strobe cream or Liquid highlighter. Golden tones work best. ✴︎Step Six – For super shine One small drop of Glow drops (this step is optional ) ✴︎Step Seven – Massage into your skin using your hands; this does many things. It gets the circulation flowing, relaxes you, de-puffs, and makes the base sit better too. Build up in layers on top until you are happy with the coverage created. I would recommend allowing time between layers. ✴︎Step Eight – Add a small amount of liquid concealer only in the areas you wish more coverage like under eyes, spots or around the nose. Please do not overdo this step ✌ . You can lightly powder to set concealer. Add cream blush and cream bronzer if you wish. And you can set your face overall with powder too, use a small fluffy brush to do this or puff and keep the powder to a minimum and sheer. No baking please . If you wish to use setting spray make sure it’s alcohol free to give further hydration. I used.. – foundation @kiehlsuki -Facial oil @kevynaucoin -Highlighter liquid @revolutionpro – Glow drops – Cream bronzer @glossier – Cream blush Recommend powder – @maccosmeticsuk Blot powder. Recommend set spray @pixibeauty. If this all seems to complex don’t panic! just add a little facial oil into your base keep everything looking sheer as possible. If you have very oily skin and don’t like to look shiny this might not be the look for you. Thanks to @shebysmd @coloursagency @_donnamcgowan @bobrafferty #yogaskin #realskinrevolution #freethefreckle #motd #makeuptutorial #makeupvideos #inbeautmag ❤️ #nomakeupmakeup

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Speaking to the American press, Sara explains that “yoga skin” is a look that feels real. While “glass skin” is about creating a perfected, blemish-free complexion, yoga skin is about creating fresh and juicy skin that looks natural and radiant.

She added that it’s not about masking imperfections, but creating a “hyper-real version of your skin that is pinchable and just irresistible.”

The result: glowing skin that is dewy without being oily or sweaty.


How do you get yoga skin?


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Fret not, you don’t actually have to start off with a yoga routine (unless that is something you want to do).

In a makeup tutorial shared by Sara on Instagram, she revealed the key to nailing this look – a cocktail of silicone-free primer, water-based liquid foundation, face oil, golden tone liquid highlighter and liquid concealer.

To start, Sara recommends cleansing and following up with your regular skincare routine, just make sure to allow everything to absorb into the skin. Then, she says to apply a small amount of silicone-free primer.

Next, mix three to four pumps of your favourite sheer or medium coverage water-based foundation with a drop of face oil, and one drop of golden tone liquid highlighter.

Here’s the interesting part: instead of reaching for a sponge or brush to apply the cocktail you created, massage the makeup into the skin, as you would with your skincare products to: “get the circulation flowing, relax you, de-puff, and makes the base sit better too.”

You can layer the mixture for more coverage, but Sara recommends waiting between layers to give each layer time to set. Apply liquid concealer where you feel you need a little more coverage. Less is more, Sara said not to go overboard with concealer and only use when necessary.

Complete the look with a cream blush and cream bronzer. Lightly set everything in place by dusting on translucent powder with a small fluffy brush. Sara emphasised that baking is not necessary – so keep your powder light and sheer. You can use a setting spray, but Sara warns not to use one with alcohol, as it could be too drying. Remember, the look is all about hydration.

If you are keen to jump on the yoga skin bandwagon, here are some of the products to try out.

Are you excited to start experimenting with this look? We are.

Do you like glass skin or yoga skin better?

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