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Are you guilty of committing these skin sins? We asked makeup artist Larry Yeo, who has 17 years of experience, to weigh in on how you should really be caring for your skin


Mistake #1: Skipping Sunscreen Because You Work Indoors And It Is Cloudy
The Truth: UV rays penetrate the clouds and even glass windows. According to Larry, “as long as the sun rises, the sunscreen goes on”. Moreover, UV damage is accumulative, which means that while you won’t be able to notice any immediate changes to your skin day after day, you’ll pay the price in a few years.

The Solution: Sunplay Skin Aqua Tone Up UV Essence SPF50+ PA++++, $27.90 for 80g. If applying sunscreen is a hassle and you dislike layering multiple products under your makeup because that makes your skin feel sticky or oily, you’ll definitely love this. With a watery fresh texture, it spreads easily over skin to deliver maximum UV protection while feeling like nothing at all. And it has a colour-correcting lavender tint that helps counter sallowness so your complexion looks brighter and more luminous. Plus, it also combines vitamin C and fruit extracts for added skincare benefits. It is even resistant to water and sweat but yet can be easily removed with facial cleanser.


Mistake #2: Confusing Brightening Products
The Truth: Many women are so obsessed with brightening or anti-spot products that they layer several products at once. The bottom line is if a product is said to enhance skin brightness and even out skin tone, then it is a pigmentation control product. Instead of layering multiple products at one go, you should focus on just one or two well-formulated products. Alternatively, you can have one for day use and another for night use.

The Solution: In the mornings, use Paula’s Choice C15 Super Booster, $68 for 20ml, either alone or mixed into your moisturiser. Formulated with 15 per cent pure vitamin C, it not only effective against melanin proliferation but also works to improve collagen synthesis and provide antioxidant benefits.

In the evenings, switch to SkinCeuticals Advanced Pigment Corrector, $198 for 30ml. Made with an exclusive blend of gently, yet highly potent active ingredients, it speeds up cellular turnover and minimise skin discolourations for a smooth and even-toned complexion.


Mistake #3: Applying More Foundation In The Morning So Makeup Lasts Longer
The Truth: “Believing in that is like saying pouring more cement in hope that the building won’t move during an earthquake,” says Larry, “because we all know it takes more than that”. Overdoing it while applying foundation only results in makeup looking thicker and heavier.

The Solution: You should use foundation to even out skin tone and for spots that require more coverage, use concealer. Larry also adds that if your foundation doesn’t last, you might also be applying too much skincare, to the point it sits on skin surface and causes makeup to slide when applied over.

To avoid this, you should use just enough skincare to keep skin hydrated and plump. And opt for a long-lasting liquid foundation like MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid SPF 15 Foundation, $56 for 30ml, or Cover FX Power Play Foundation, $68 for 35ml, as they both provide all-day wear that doesn’t fade or budge. MAC Cosmetics’ formula also helps regulate shine while Cover FX’s one has a soft-focus effect to help blur out the appearance of pores and lines.


Mistake #4: Piling On Too Much Blush 

The Truth: You should always put just enough product to give that natural flush because “it is called a blush, not a slap”, reiterates Larry.

The Solution: To avoid being too heavy-handed, tap off excess product from the brush (if you’re using a powder blush) before sweeping it onto your cheeks. Opt for a long-wearing formula, like NARS Blush, $50. Its powder texture melds into skin seamlessly and lasts through heat, perspiration and humidity. To further enhance the longevity of results, you can try layering the powder over a cream blush. Have some pressed powder on hand so you can use it to reduce the intensity of the blush if you go overboard accidentally. And always do your makeup in a well-lit space so you can accurately gauge how it looks.


Mistake #5: Applying Too Much Primer To Make Foundation Last Longer
The Truth: Less is definitely more when it comes to primer application because all your need is a thin layer between your skin and your foundation. This barrier prevents sebum and perspiration from mixing with your foundation, which keeps it looking fresh and radiant all day. If you use too much primer, it might end up pilling when you apply your foundation—never a good look.

The Solution: As with foundation application, a little goes a long way for primers too. Use no more product than the size of a small raisin, because primers tend to contain silicones (which are not absorbed by skin) in order to create that barrier, hence applying a thick layer causes pilling rather than actually making foundation last. Try Guerlain Météorites Base, $107 for 30ml, which has a fresh gel-like texture that illuminates, smooths and perfects the appearance of your complexion.