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1. Light, smoky eye

Professional makeup artist Heidi Hamoud uses a range of neutral shades for a look that is chic and sophisticated. It’s easy to follow and the light smoky eye makes it easy to switch up the look for a night out – just apply a red lipstick and you are done. We also love that she explains a little on the whole concept of vegan beauty and even starts off by applying the skincare products she uses to prep her skin in this video tutorial.


2. Instagram-worthy eye makeup

Colourful eye makeup is sometimes a little tricky to execute. This tutorial helps you achieve a dramatic sunset-inspired eyeshadow look with long, exaggerated lashes. The step-by-step tutorial also includes products to help prep the skin before makeup application. Do note that you might not get it looking on point with just one try, though. Practice is definitely key.


3. Casual, feminine look

What’s interesting about this video is that Rhian HY, a British-born blogger, uses only cream-based makeup products that are all vegan and cruelty-free. If you think that cream-based products are heavier and not suitable for those with oily skin, this tutorial might change your mind because Rhian herself has oily skin but she says she only uses products that work best for her complexion. Plus, we are really digging how casual the whole tutorial is.


4. Classic, matte eyeshadow

It might be almost 20-minutes long but trust us when we say this is one of the more detailed tutorials we have ever come across. The host is Teri Miyahira, a California-based green beauty and lifestyle blogger and the founder of Teri Miyahira Beauty, a cosmetics line. Besides only applying all vegan beauty products, Teri also focuses on creating a classic matte eyeshadow look that can be worn on any occasion, from lunch with your best gal pals to a fun night out. Oh, and if you prefer natural-looking lashes or already have lash extensions, you can simply skip the step on putting on falsies.


5. Natural, everyday look 

Switching over to vegan beauty does not necessarily mean you have to spend a ton on beauty products. Youtuber Chanty Marie’s tutorial shows how you can recreate a simple, everyday makeup look using only vegan products that are found in drugstores (read: Watsons and Guardian). The best part? She even starts off the video by applying her skincare products, which are vegan too.


6. Gothic

We are always on the lookout for crazy makeup looks and if it is one that uses only vegan beauty products? Consider us sold. Makeup artist Jessica Haze focuses on both her sunset eyeshadow look using a mix of yellow pink and orange shades as well as a bold matte black lipstick. While this look may be more on the experimental side, you can easily tone it down to make it more wearable by applying less eyeshadow or doing away with the black lippie.