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When it comes to drawing attention to your eyes, most women would agree that eyeliner makes a world of difference. But no matter how long you’ve been using eyeliner for, there are days where it still gets tricky to perfect one. Here are some tricks we’ve tried that could help you ace that winged liner you’ve been practising for.


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Go for the waterline

If it’s too difficult to draw a line on your eyelid, opt for your upper waterline instead. Simply lift your eyelid and apply eyeliner using the technique called tightlining. This works best with a kohl eyeliner, which glides on easily without flaking off.


Clean up with a cotton bud and some lotion

Made a mess? Use a cotton bud with some lotion instead of the eye makeup remover, this prevents you from taking off too much product and sures that any makeup you apply after the removal will stay. 



Use a nude liner first

Instead of going straight for your trusty black or brown eyeliner, trace the shape you want with a nude pencil first. Thereafter, layer on with the black or brown liner of your choice. We suggest layering with a liquid or pen liner because pencil on pencil might cause smudging. 


Holding your breath

Holding your breath when you apply eyeliner will allow your hand to be steadier. Plus, your face won’t accidentally twitch.



Clench your toes

Here’s a trick that some makeup artists use: clench your toes while applying your liner. In the same way that your hands becomes steadier when you hold your breath, clenching your toes can achieve the same results and also allows you to better focus on drawing that perfect line.


This story first appeared on The Singapore Women’s Weekly, April 2017.