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Lots of us think that the key to a flawless looking complexion and getting our makeup to last lies in packing on a tonne of products like moisturiser, sunscreen and primer.

That said, it’s not just about using these products. The sequence in which you apply your skincare and makeup in the morning is also very important to ensure your makeup stays put, plus you get maximum efficacy of each product.

That was exactly what Xenia Wong, the 23-year-old self-proclaimed beauty enthusiast and founder of local skincare brand Sigi (pronounced as see gee), learnt in her time at a Korean celebrity makeup academy started by celebrity makeup artist Jung Saem Mool.

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Think of the latter as a Korean Lisa Eldrige in terms of career trajectory and influence. There isn’t a Korean celebrity’s face that she hasn’t touched with her magic makeup wand.

“Don’t layer too many skincare products (under your makeup) if you want it to last. You should either use a moisturiser and primer or a sunscreen and moisturiser, but not all at the same time,” said Xenia when asked about her biggest takeaway from her six-month stint at the beauty school. This less is more skincare philosophy was Xenia’s impetus to start her own brand.

We sat down with the young founder to find out more about her skincare philosophy and the must-try product from the brand.


Keeping it simple


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Sigi skin has just three products – The Kaleanser Face Cleanser ($38) (a cleanser made of kale and soy extracts that also works as a makeup remover), the Pink Nectar Eye Serum ($62) (an eye cream made with five different types of hyaluronic acid that can also double as an eye mask and lip balm) and the Morning Glow Sunscreen (a physical sunblock that doubles as a moisturiser).


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These products are all multi-purpose so you don’t have to figure out which products play well together underneath your makeup.

Also, they are all packed with superfood ingredients and free from nasties like parabens, dyes, sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), DMDM Hydantoin, phthalates and polyunsaturated oils (PUFA).


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The brand’s star product is the Sigi Skin Morning Glow Sunscreen ($58). This sunscreen protects the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays and is formulated with a high concentration (four per cent – any higher and you’ll need a doctor’s prescription) niacinamide that brightens and strengthens the skin.

Additionally, the sunscreen is also purely physical and only uses two types of UV filters namely zinc oxide and titanium oxide which is less likely to cause irritation amongst those with sensitive skin compared to chemical sunscreens that are use up to six filters.


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What’s more, it’s also multi-functional: besides offering sun protection, the Morning Glow Sunscreen also doubles as a moisturiser for normal, combination and oil skin types and protects the skin against oxidative stress with Vitamin E, as well as eliminates dead skin cells for a healthier skin inside-out.

Other than making sure her products give multiple benefits and are easy to use, she also wanted to keep the texture of her products light for ease of absorption and so it’s “not too heavy for our hot and humid climate,” explains Xenia.

Now, we are waiting with bated breath for the “new face mask” that Xenia teased in her interview with us. You heard it here first.

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