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Let’s play a quick beauty game. What are the first three colours that come to mind when you think of the word “highlighter”? Mine are champagne, pink and silver. I gave my colleague three seconds to answer, and she instinctively said: gold, rose gold and champagne. Hands up if you thought of similar colours too.

Point is, we don’t really deviate much from the “basics” when it comes to highlighters. It doesn’t matter how pretty that lilac highlighter looks when swatched on your arm – you’re never putting it on your face. For fear of it looking too outrageous on the skin, for fear of looking weird… the list goes on.


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But that’s where you’re missing out. See, most purple highlighters aren’t made to look like a strong purple streak on your cheek. That’s why they usually come in silvery lilac shades. And what does lilac do best? It helps to colour correct dullness.

That means, sweeping on a wash of purple highlighter will help to brighten your sallow complexion, giving you that true glow-from-within radiance. (Which you sometimes can’t get from gaudy gold highlighters, FYI.) And don’t worry, you won’t look like a walking grape – in fact, the lilac colour shows up just where the light falls on the cheekbones. For an ethereal glow – that’s still super wearable, of course. 

Don’t believe us? Check out how these women rock their purple highlighters…  


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