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Makeup artist Larry Yeo shares how to create a “full” brow, plus some of our favourite brow pencils

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Let’s clear this up, once and for all: a full brow is not the same as the “Instagram” dagger brow. The natural-looking full brow does not require you to carve – per IG lingo – anything out, and follows your natural brow shape. What it really means: brows that look luscious and dense with hair, in the most natural way possible. Almost like you’re #bornwithit. This brings a focus point to your facial features, without anything looking too exaggerated, says makeup artist Larry Yeo.

“It doesn’t matter what kind of makeup you’re wearing. You’ll naturally look more polished and refined with a full brow,” he says.


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The trick to creating a full brow, as with most makeup application, lies in technique and product, according to Larry. You’ll want to first invest in a good eyebrow pencil. Then, fill in quick, short hair-like strokes upwards, to the length of your natural brow hair. This mimics natural hair growth – to create the illusion of naturally lush brows.

Remember, you’d want them to look natural. So forget what Instagram taught you about having thick, dark and overly-arched brows – they’re brows for the screen, not for real life. Larry suggests picking a colour that’s two to three tones lighter than your hair colour should you have conventionally dark hair.

“That way, it doesn’t look like you chalked in your eyebrows, but filled in them beautifully,” he says.


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If you’re blonde, or have light-coloured hair – go for something that matches your natural brow hair. Then, sweep an eyeshadow colour or brow powder that’s lighter than your hair colour to “tint” the brow a little. This is so that your brows, in their natural colour, won’t be too much of a contrast against your hair, Larry recommends.

But if you’re still clueless as to how to get a suitable brow colour, the rule of thumb is to reach for a taupe-coloured pencil. A mid-grey brown that’s sits in the middle of a grey and dark brown. It’s a universal brow colour that takes away any guesswork when perfecting your full-brow look.


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So, what’s the hallmark for a great eyebrow pencil, for great brows? First, texture of the pencil. It shouldn’t be too waxy that it deposits way too much product on your brows. It shouldn’t feel too hard on your brows too – the most natural hair-like strokes shouldn’t require you “trying” too hard. Next, whether the formula is blendable or not. You won’t want a situation where the product instantly sets, budge-proof before your combing your hairs out. Remember, you want natural full-brows, not something tattooed on. 

Ready to get that full-brow look? Below, the brow pencils that check all our boxes: