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Looking at Jessica Gomes’ swimsuit photos during her modelling days, you’ll notice how the sexy Australian model radiates a supermodel-level kind of confidence. Which is why you’ll never have guessed that Jessica was in fact a shy child.

Growing up, Jessica professed to be a quiet kid, partly because of her Eurasian roots. Born to a Chinese mother and Portuguese father, Jessica grew up in Perth which was rather “uncomplicated and quite isolated.” When she turned 13, her mum sent her to a local modelling school which helped to ‘open up’ her personality.

“Modelling helped me to come out of my shell because I used to be very shy at school,” Jessica tells us. “It also helped me to better socialise with the other kids.”


Today, Jessica is considered as one of the sexiest women alive, a title that places her in the public’s eyes constantly. She’s been voted as one of the “World’s Most Desirable Women” according to men’s website AskMen, as well as Maxim magazine’s Top 25 Hottest Females of 2012. Besides that, Jessica has also graced multiple swimsuit editions of US sports magazine Sports Illustrated.

Other than being a sex symbol, Jessica has fronted numerous covers of international fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Glamour and Elle. At the same time, she’s also appeared in many ad campaigns, including a Cass Beer advertisement co-starring Korean actor Lee Min Ho in 2009.  

Stellar modelling career aside, Jessica tells us that her childhood dream was to become an actress. Which was why she studied at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting when she moved to New York City in 2005.


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To date, she’s had her own reality TV show titled My Name Is Jessica Gomes, as well as a role in the 2014 Transformers: Age of Extinction movie. She also has two major big-screen breaks in the pipeline this year. The first being Once Upon A Time In Venice starring Bruce Willis as well as Bastards which stars Owen Wilson and Ed Helms.

This year also marks the launch of her own beauty brand Equal Beauty which is in collaboration with Singapore company Novena Global Healthcare. After devoting three years to researching for her products, Jessica’s beauty brand now offers five skincare products. The unisex range is free of parabens, alcohol and fragrances, and it includes a facial mist, serum, cleansing pads, facial and eye masks.

“When I started my own brand Equal Beauty, I wanted to create something that’s easy to use for everybody,” says Jessica. “And because there’s a lot of overly complicated beauty products in the market, I want my products to be as simple as possible so that my users can understand them easily. My products are essentially the must-haves that you’ll need for clean and hydrated skin.”


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We got up close and personal with Jessica when she was here in Singapore to promote her beauty line. We also grabbed the chance to find out her tips on looking fabulous and what she thinks is the sexiest thing about her beau slash actor Xavier Samuel.

Also, don’t miss out on our exclusive video above, where Jessica shows us how she does her dramatic eye makeup.

You have really good skin, obviously! Have you ever been bothered by any major skin concerns?

Jessica: As I enter my early 30s, I realise that I need to start taking care of my skin. I’ve learned that hydration and protection are very important for the skin.

What’s your best beauty advice?

Jessica: Always keep your skin clean and remember to take off your makeup at the end of every night.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for beauty?

Jessica: It’s probably bleaching my eyebrows blonde for a photoshoot. It was very weird to see myself with no eyebrows at all and the makeup artist had to draw a thinner set on me afterwards.

What other things do you do to look great?

Jessica: I love to get facials once a week when I can. I’m in love with lymphatic drainage treatments and massages because they help with better blood circulation which in turn leaves my skin glowy. If you’re in Sydney, my favourite place to go to is Fumi Yamamoto who’s famous for her Zen facials. Her massage techniques always leave my face feeling sculpted so I’ll make sure that I visit her before a photoshoot in Australia.

Besides that, I also like to use a moisturising spray on my face daily. I’ll always carry a rose water mist or my own Equal Beauty Super Mist in my bag when I’m travelling. It’s like a beauty ritual that I love to do.

You’ve been named as one of the world’s most desirable women. In your opinion, what’s the most attractive thing about a woman?

Jessica: It’s when she’s confident within herself, has certainty and shines bright from within. She’s someone who really knows who she is.

What are the qualities of a good boss?

Jessica: You’ll have to be very passionate about what you’re doing. Having a sense of certainty is also very important because your colleagues can feel it and eventually become motivated to work better with you. I’ve had people who want to join me in my journey because they saw my passion and they were influenced by it.

What are your tips for maintaining a good and healthy relationship?

Jessica: Communication is very important and you have to support each other in whatever adventure he or she embarks. You’ll also want the humour to last too so always try to keep things light and funny.

Does your boyfriend Xavier use your products?

Jessica: He loves my beauty products! Since he’s an actor, he uses them after long hours on sets. I realise that more men are becoming increasingly aware of their looks and I think that’s great. I think guys don’t really like scented products which is why I’ve developed my beauty range to be free of fragrances.

What do you find most sexy about Xavier?

Jessica: He’s very talented and that’s the most attractive thing about him. He’s also a very kind and family-oriented person, which I like!

What’s the most romantic thing he’s done for you?

Jessica: He flew in from Los Angeles and surprised me when I was doing a photoshoot in Australia. He’s also created a playlist of songs that we’ve always listened to. The top track is Oasis’ Wonderwall which we listened to a lot when we first started dating.