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Local makeup artist Larry Yeo gives us the 101 on makeup brushes and why The Universal Do It All Face ($39.90), the multi-purpose brush he created in collaboration with 13rushes, a Singapore-born cruelty-free (read: synthetic) makeup brush company, is a cut above the rest.

1. You can use almost any cleansers to wash your synthetic makeup brushes.

Synthetic makeup brushes can be washed with most face and body soaps, even shampoo. Gently tap off excess water after washing and leave it out flat on its side to dry in an airy area. Don’t dry the brushes in a standing position, with its bristles pointing up, as excess water may pool where the bristles are attached to the brush handle and shorten the shelf life of your brush.

If you’re in a rush, try the Make Up For Ever Instant Brush Cleanser ($35 for 140ml) which cleans brush bristles without rinsing. Just spray it on a cotton pad or wash cloth and swipe the makeup brush back and forth on it, until you get the gunk out of your bristles – the formula dissolves waterproof makeup too. The best part? It dries on the spot so there’s no drying time required.




2. Synthetic makeup brushes waste less products. 

They don’t absorb as much product as sponge applicators, leading to less wastage. “While some synthetic brushes hold powder-based products poorly compared to natural hair brushes, The Universal Do It All Face’s bristle tips go through an additional treatment process so they work well for powder application too,” says Larry. (try these setting powders that will make your skin look flawless)


3. The density of the bristles matter.

Brushes that are too fluffy cause streaking when you apply liquid foundation; too dense, and you’ll have difficulty layering on products – your makeup might be diluted with subsequent layering when you’re trying to build coverage. Larry says The Universal Do It All Face brush has an optimum density for both powders and liquids to eliminate streaks. It can also be used to contour and highlight, and apply all types of foundation – including cream- and gel-based ones – blusher, loose and compact powder, and even sunscreen and primer.

Larry Yeo’s Universal Do It All Face brush can be used to apply everything from sunscreen to liquid foundation, and even contouring and highlighting powders.


4. Angled brushes apply liquid foundation better.

Angled brushes make it easier to apply liquid-based products on our face contours (try these lightweight foundations that give a super natural finish). But Larry says the ones currently available are made with natural hair or are too long in bristle length, which causes streaking too. The Universal Do It All Face brush boasts a slight angle and is broader at the width to allow the product to spread more easily. It’s also symmetrical, so both left- and right-handed people will find it easy to use on both sides of the face. Plus, 13rushes’ founder Tay Yu Hui’s commitment of checking every brush to ensure their quality and comfort extends to this collaboration.

Check out more of Larry’s tips in the video below.