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Beauty trends may come and go, but we will always want glowing, luminous, ethereal-looking, sun-kissed skin.

Who better to teach us how to achieve the “lit from within look” than Fenty Beauty’s Global Makeup Artist Hector Espinal?

After all, to be a makeup artist for a brand by megastar Rihanna herself, you’d have to have one hell of a personality with power makeup skills to match.


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More than just another makeup brand with a famous face to it, Fenty has the goods to back it up.

Fenty Beauty is known for its emphasis on inclusivity, with each product designed to be compatible for a variety of skin tones.

In addition to foundation that’s available in 40 shades, the brand is also known for the stunning highlighters that show up on any complexion.

We were able to catch the down-to-earth makeup artist on his short trip to Singapore to celebrate Fenty Beauty’s first anniversary to get all his tips to perfecting that dewy not greasy look. Now, let’s get glowing…


On the grown-up way to wear highlighters…

“Be strategic instead of putting it (highlight) all over. I like to do a brown soft smokey eye with glitter just on the centre of the lids or lips. The latter creates an illusion of a fuller pout.”


On highlighting when you have textured skin…

“Shimmery highlighters will enhance textured skin and large pores so keep the glitter on the eyes. If you have smooth skin, go for it and you can place glitter on your cheeks but not on the eyes and lips.”


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On getting that glow up…

“Use a gloss instead of a powder because it makes the skin look dewier. You can apply Glass Bomb on your cheekbones.”


On looking dewy not greasy…

“Use primer and Invisimatte. It’s the only way you will survive. Rihanna loves the Invisimatte and Stunna Lip Paint. That’s why we have four new shades.”


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On Rihanna’s secret to glowing skin…

“Two days ago, she said no sleep, work hard and Fenty Beauty.”


On getting your highlight to last all day…

Eyeshadow primer and primer for your face. Concentrate your primer on parts of your face that you’ll be highlighting.”


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On his favourite Fenty product…

“Match Stix. All the matte ones. You can use them as foundation, concealer, contour, highlight, lipstick and eyeshadow.”