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Be it gloss, liquid or cream form, we love it all when it comes to lipsticks. However, with the new innovations in colour saturation and texture, navigating which ones we should actually buy can be tricky.

We decided to break down three specific and somewhat similar types of lippies (lip gloss, lip tint and lip lacquer) to help you make sense of all the different ways to dress up your pout.


Lip gloss

This finish is great for those days when your pout is a little dehydrated and chapped because it conceals any cracks and lines.

Some lip glosses are more sheer while others give you a natural wash of colour. New formulas like the Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Liquid Lip eschews stickiness while still delivering lasting hydration. If you’re looking for something pigmented and long-lasting, glosses are not for you because they tend to come off quicker than lip tints and lacquers.


(Lip gloss used: Elizabeth Arden Beautiful Colour Liquid Lip )


Lip tints

Lip tints are designed to leave a stain on your lips, to give them an imperfect hint of colour. You know the colour you get on your lips when you eat a cherry flavoured popsicle? That’s the look you’ll be getting with a lip tint. These lippies are perfect for a long day of work because they last fairly long on the lips (about eight hours), so you don’t have to worry about constantly touching up your lip colour.

They also tend to fade gradually with wear so they look better longer than a slippery gloss or lipstick. Also, they are great for early mornings when you don’t have too much time because you don’t have to be precise. They also tend to be quite hydrating because of their watery consistency.


(Lip tint used: Favourite Fluid Lip Tint)


Lip lacquers

Lip lacquers are the most pigmented of the three different finishes. Similar to a gloss and tint, lacquers come in a liquid form. However, unlike a gloss and tint, the consistency and texture of lacquers are much thicker and creamier.

Most of them also deliver an ultra-high-shine finish that will leave a glossy sheen on your lips. Reapplication needs to be more frequent compared to lip tints, so there’s a bit more maintenance involved.


(Lip lacquer used: Lancome L’absolu Lacquer)