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Makeup trends come and go, but one thing stays the same – having a flawless base that hides imperfections, and allows makeup to adhere like second skin and stay put. 

That’s where the trusty concealer comes in. Unlike a foundation, which can only conceal faint skin imperfections, a concealer works to hide blemishes like redness, under-eye dark circles, dark spots, moles and most scars. It’s an essential base makeup product to help you create a natural-skin finish.

However, to conceal every blemish effectively and flawlessly, you need two types of concealers in your stash – one that gives light to medium coverage, and another for heavier coverage. And of course, you’d want your concealers to be lightweight, easy to blend and buildable, but without leaving the skin looking cakey.  

HERA Black: Your Base Makeup Heroes

Following the successful launches of the HERA Black Cushion and HERA Black Foundation – which, incidentally, are favourites of Taiwanese celebrity makeup artist, Kevin Chou – the South Korean beauty brand launches its HERA Black Concealer range. 

It comes in two variants – Dot Cover and Spread Cover – to conceal different types of skin imperfections. 

Designed to care for the skin, the two concealers are infused with hydrating ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, alpine berry extract and damask rose extract, to keep skin feeling comfortable. They are also formulated with HERA’s exclusive Magnet-Fit Cover Technology, found in all HERA Black products, and said to help lower the surface temperature of the concealer pigment, to create a supple, air-brushed and matte appearance. 

To Cover Small Blemishes

When you apply concealer over an acne scar, whitehead or dark spot, it tends to simply coat the area over and around the blemish. It also tends to spread over the blemish, leaving a less opaque finish. The result: insufficient coverage.

The HERA Black Concealer Dot Cover, with its 3mm-thick metal tip applicator, is designed for effortless application – simply dot or tap the liquid-textured formula on blemishes. The metal tip is made of Zamak, a material commonly used for surgical instruments. It is washable and gives a cooling sensation on skin.

The long-lasting, high-coverage concealer comes in three shades with warm yellow tones to neutralise red or brown spots. For effective coverage, choose a HERA Black Concealer Dot Cover half a shade darker than your natural skin colour.

To Conceal a Wider Area 

For imperfections like dark circles, enlarged pores and redness, there’s HERA Black Concealer Spread Cover, which offers sheer and buildable coverage. 

It has a higher water content than regular concealers, so the thin, non-sticky texture melts into skin without looking patchy or cakey. It also brightens dark circles, minimises the look of enlarged pores and improves overall skin texture – thanks to its pink undertones and primer-effect ingredients.

The HERA Black Concealer Spread Cover comes with a flexible sponge applicator, shaped like a butter knife, so the concealer spreads easily on skin. Its pointed tip lets you apply along the curvature of your eyes, and the sides of the nose and mouth, in a precise manner too. 

The two HERA Black Concealers – Dot Cover and Spread Cover – come in six shades, and retail at $48 each. They are available at the HERA Takashimaya counter and the Ion Orchard boutique. 

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