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Change isn’t always easy but sometimes it’s necessary — especially during this pandemic era. The shift towards #stayhomestaysafe has greatly impacted our routines, with many avoiding over-the-top makeup looks, and trying to keep things natural.

While we can get away with skipping lipsticks and blushers when we have our masks on, we can’t help turning to some eyeliner, concealer and foundation for video meetings or even when we’re out running errands.

With mask-wearing and Singapore’s humidity here to stay, a makeup trend is fast gaining traction: transfer-proof formulations. In this case, we’re zooming in on foundations.

In response to the growing demand for transfer-proof formulations, brands have been offering such products, to the delight of flawless skin seekers like us. Take, for instance, Clarins’ latest Everlasting Foundation.

In our recent interview with #HerWorldTribe members Bella Koh, founder of SLOWHOUSE, and Jaime Lee, founder of The Paper Bunny, they shared how their beauty regimes have changed during the pandemic, thoughts on plant-based makeup, and what they love most about the Clarins Everlasting Foundation.

Jaime Lee, founder of The Paper Bunny
Credit: Anue Studios

1. Has your makeup routine changed since the pandemic? If so, how?

Bella: Yes! I’ve actually been applying less makeup as I’ve decided to allow my skin to rest. So I’ve dialed down on my usual makeup routine and I’m focusing more on skincare at the moment.

Jaime: Definitely. I’ve always been quite a basic girl when it comes to makeup, and with working from home becoming the norm, I gravitate towards efficient makeup that has ingredients that are good for my skin, or those that double up as skincare too.

2. What do you think makes the perfect foundation?

Bella: There are a lot of things that constitute a good foundation, but I think the few important factors that matter most for my foundation is that it has to be matte, provide full coverage and of course, come in the right shade.

Jaime: The perfect foundation to me should be one that evens out my skin tone and hides my imperfections while not looking like an extra layer on my face. It should give me a healthy glow while still looking matte and fresh. It should also be long-lasting, and feel weightless on my face.

3. Why do you think we need a full-coverage concealer and/or foundation even when we’re wearing masks?

Bella: Personally, I’ve not been using a lot of foundation ever since we’ve started wearing masks, unless necessary. However, I totally understand why people would still feel the need to do so, especially if they have an event or are meeting people. It covers up any imperfections and refreshes your look instantly.

Jaime: A good foundation and concealer is necessary to even out and correct the skin tone, which makes you look healthier — the foundation (no pun intended) to a no-makeup makeup look.

Besides, makeup, to me, is something I do for myself. I feel more ready to conquer the day when I’m out of my PJs with some basic makeup on.  

4. What are your thoughts about plant-based makeup? Does it make any difference in terms of application or finish?

Bella: Makeup gets absorbed by the skin, and this is why we must be extra careful and use plant-based or natural products. The fewer chemicals there are, the better it is for our skin, which is especially important in the long run.

Jaime: I haven’t tried or researched much into plant-based makeup but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it.

After trying on the Clarins Everlasting Foundation, which is formulated with active ingredients, I noticed that it was really hydrating on my skin and also really lightweight — which I definitely appreciate.

Bella Koh, founder of SLOWHOUSE
Credit: Anue Studios

5. What do you like most about the Clarins foundation and its 24-hour long-wear coverage?

Bella: The Clarins foundation is easily a hit for me because it provides amazing coverage and more importantly, it gives a beautiful matte finish. And if you didn’t already know, I’m all about matte foundations!

Jaime: I love that it blends seamlessly into the skin and it’s super lightweight, it actually feels like second skin! The foundation also melts into a flawless finish as the day goes, and stays on like good skin all day!

6. What’s one key factor that you look into before buying a foundation, and why is it important to you?

Bella: For me, the foundation definitely has to have the most accurate shade for my skin. I’m quite particular when it comes to finding the right foundation that fits, so if I can find one that matches my skin tone, then it’s perfect.

Jaime: When it comes to foundations, it’s important that I find one that feels weightless on my skin. It also has to blend properly to avoid any patchiness, so it looks like my skin, but better.

7. What’s one thing you like about the new Clarins foundation that differentiates it from the rest?

Bella: There’s a lot to love about the new foundation but if I had to pick one, it’d have to be how it gives a beautiful matte finish, but it’s also not drying on the skin.

Jaime: I don’t use foundation much, but I really liked that this foundation blended easily into my skin and it lasted all day long, while keeping a dewy texture!

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