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Local celebrity and mother of three children aged 12, ten and seven, Diana Ser, boasts that enviable lit-from-within luminous complexion. She believes that the key to a good complexion is a healthy lifestyle – and that includes getting ample sleep.

“Because my skin reflects my health, and makeup will go on well only when my skin is in tip top condition. On week nights, I am usually in bed by 10pm,” shares Diana. 

She added, “Drinking lots of water really hydrates your skin. It makes your skin look more supple, and also benefits your entire system. I carry a water bottle just like my kids.”

Despite having to juggle her work as a co-host of “Talking Point”, running her online portal “Crazy About Chinese” and her family commitments, the newly appointed Max Factor Singapore muse makes it a point to make time for herself.

The straight-talking TV host says that she makes time for herself simply by prioritising things that really matter, and saying no to requests or obligations that she doesn’t want to fulfill.

As a television veteran who has been in the business for over two decades, she has certainly learnt a thing or two about getting pretty.

“A makeup tip that I learnt from my makeup artist is to only use black mascara on the upper eyelashes and brown mascara on the lower eyelashes. Black mascara casts a shadow below the lower lashes, which gives the illusion of eye bags or dark eye rings.”

Read on for more beauty tips and tricks from Diana Ser.


How do you make time for yourself?

Due to work and family commitments, my “me” time can be somewhat opportunistic! If I manage to clear my work and mummy duties in time, I can steal time for a massage, for example. I really enjoy the hair and makeup time for my work, so I consider that “me” time too.


Why is it important for working mums to make time for themselves?

All mothers deserve personal time! It is one of the biggest and most important gifts we can give to our family, children and ourselves, because me-time essentially allows us to feel more relaxed and achieve self-fulfillment. When we are able to do so, it helps us to focus and pour that resulting energy, love and gratitude into taking care of our family.

What motivates you?

Professionally, passion for what I do motivates me. As co-host of Channel 5’s Talking Point, a story worth telling spurs me on. Connecting with people on the ground excites me too. In 2017, I travelled to seven countries to film a documentary on child workers. It was tough being on the road so much, but it was unforgettable.

In my personal life, love for my family motivates me. From buying a new shirt for my husband, to trying a new recipe for the kids, love for the family keeps me going and makes me feel good (and often tired…).


How do you balance work, family and your relationship with your husband?

The first is letting go of the mum guilt and know that it is totally fine to not spend an equal amount of time on everything. If I have a pressing task that particular day, I limit distractions and time wasters, complete whatever I have to do and maximise my time with my kids and husband at night.

I think this “balance” is a dynamic thing. At different stages of my life, I can achieve balance with different combinations. My husband, James, has been bugging me to play golf for years. After 20 years together, I am seriously considering it! He says it will be our “we” time when the kids are grown up.


Are there any beauty products you can’t live without?

Eyebrow pencil, lip gloss and eyeshadow. I particularly love pigment-rich, nude coloured eyeshadows that add an extra dose of glamour and lasts me throughout the day without any fallout.


What would you do if you only had five minutes to get ready?

A quick eyeliner to open up the eyes, comb to neaten my brows and lightly stain lips. Can be done under 5 minutes. 


What advice do you have for working mothers?

Juggling work and motherhood – it is okay if you drop the ball once in a while. Just it up and start all over again. Enjoy the experience by being in the moment and remember not to beat yourself up too much!


At what age would you allow your daughters to start wearing makeup?

I am guessing maybe 14 or 15? Not full on makeup, but only light, age appropriate makeup.

You’re always in front of the camera, do you have any product recommendations or makeup tips and tricks to look more camera ready?

Avoid top lighting. It makes everybody look bad because of the shadows.

Secondly, look “awake” by opening up the eyes. Max Factor has this amazing mascara with two different brush sizes (The Lash Crown Mascara). The small brush works to coat the lashes really thoroughly.

Thirdly, conceal the undereye area as best you can. Dark circles or eye bags can make you look older or more tired than you actually are.  If you can’t, even a piece of white paper can be used to reflect more light off your undereye area, making it seem less dark on camera.