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Photography Frenchescar Lim, Art Direction Shan, Model Mei Yiu/Mannequin, Makeup Zoel Tee assisted by Edwin Choo

From barely-there glimmer to bombshell glassy, lip glosses are back in every way. The difference now? They come in varying glossiness so you can choose the look you want. What sets these ones apart: Each marries multi-dimensional shine in a comfortable formula that smooths and soothes the lips.

Level 1: Barely-there Gloss

For that touch of sheen on lips that still look natural.

Level 2: Clearly Glassy

It’s more than just a subtle shimmer – others will be able to tell you’re wearing a lipgloss.

lip glosses

Level 3: Super lacquered

A brilliant, glassy gloss that makes the lips look glistening and shiny.

lip glosses

Level 4: Explosive Shine

These deliver a polished glaze to your lips, like wearing a dewy highlighter.

This article was first published in Her World’s March issue.