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foundation brushes

That means, no need for any fancy blending – swipe on foundation any way you like and it will still look perfect. The reason these foundation brushes work better? More tightly packed bristles, cut into a more precise shape.

This combo produces a brush that picks up just the right amount of foundation to disperse it across your skin. Take the It Cosmetics brush – 61, 650 bristles sculpted into a perfect ball shape. The straight and wavy bristles of the Sisley brush give it an unusual rounded yet angled shape while the Shiseido one is four mini brushes shaped into a petal to mimic the softness of your fingertips. And the Chantecaille brush is small but incredibly dense. We tested all of them using not-so-great foundations – ones that cake up or don’t blend very well. The verdict: We still looked decent.

For dewy or cushion foundation

For powder foundation

For creamy foundation

foundation brushes

Chantecaiile Foundation & Mask Brush, $67

For liquid foundation

This story first appeared in the January 2020 of Her World magazine.