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edgy eyeliner

Stretching our creative muscles on edgy eyeliner looks just in time for Valentine’s Day, we spotted makeup trends like floating lines, pop of neons and negative spaces on our favourite beauty influencers, celebrities, and pretty soon, on you.

If you want to experiment away from the classic cat-eye, keep scrolling for creative winged eyeliner looks.

Inner corner cat-eye

edgy eyeliner

Since pulling off a perfect cat-eye is already a difficult feat on its own, we recommend aiming for a subtle flick instead. Now, if you prefer a more subdued look, try extending the line to the inner corners of your eye and finish the eye look with a pop of glitter eyeshadow.

Coloured bottom eyeliner

edgy eyeliner

The saying, “less is more,” bodes well with this edgy eyeliner look. Simply draw the liner on the lower lash line and blend it out with some matching eyeshadow for a more diffused effect. As you opt for brighter colours like purple or blue, keep the rest of your face minimal with softer nude colours.

Incomplete floating liner

edgy eyeliner

For a graphic look that’s still very wearable, draw an incomplete line above your crease and connect it to the flick at the end of the eyes. Pair your floating crease with dramatic lashes for a total glam look.

Negative space wing liner

edgy eyeliner

The most creative take on edgy eyeliner looks, pick up a liquid eyeliner with an ultra-fine tip to perfect this negative space cat-eye. Draw the outline of fierce flicks without filling them in and extend the base past the inner corners of the eyes for that extra drama.

Credits: Sarah Brown, Iulia David / Instagram