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Holistic Japanese beauty brand Three’s official global makeup artist Mr. Yuta-Sato was here in Singapore just last week for the launch of its latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection known as Songs of Ascendance, which is inspired by the spiritual effects and healing benefits of yoga. We get up close with the beauty guru where he shares his favourite products, the biggest makeup trends now and more.


The biggest makeup trends in 2018

YS: “An effortless, natural makeup look and contouring. These are all inter-related with one another. For a natural makeup look, many women are afraid that it might wash out their complexion because the colours are so natural, which is why it is important to contour.”

Photo: Instagram / threecosmetics

On highlighting and contouring

YS: “There are two reasons why women want to contour their face. First, to enhance their features. Another reason is that contouring actually makes your face look more mature and sophisticated. When you don’t contour your face, it makes you look a lot sweeter and younger. It’s important that whenever you’re highlighting or contouring your face, the shades you use must match your original skin tone. I actually find that a lot of women choose shades that don’t match their skin tone, making it look very unnatural. Once the correct shade is chosen, contouring and highlighting is a breeze.”


The hottest eye makeup trend now

YS: “The dewy, glossy look. Not so much a colour but the texture of your eyelids.”


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Photo: Instagram / threecosmetics

Five makeup items all Asian women should have

YS: “Eyebrow powder, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick and blusher.”


Tips to create a fuss-free makeup look in just 5 minutes

YS: “Look for products that are easy to use. For example, Three’s products can always be applied with your fingertips because the texture is very soft, making it easy to blend. When you use tools to apply the product, it takes longer. Apart from that, if you’re doing a quick makeup look, applying lipstick is crucial. It helps to add some colour to your face and also brightens your complexion.”


The easiest makeup colour for Asian women

YS: “Burgundy. Whether it is on your lips, cheeks or eyelids (or even as a mascara) as long as you have a hint of burgundy, it really brings out the feminine side of a woman.”


The biggest makeup mistakes Asian women make

YS: “A lot of Asian women tend to pick the wrong foundation shade that does not match their skin tone. Many women in Asia also have a misconception of line and gradient. The more gradient (the use of softer strokes and colours) you have in your makeup look, the cuter, more youthful your makeup will look. The more lines (example: using a liquid liner to achieve a cat eye wing liner look) you have, the more elegant and sophisticated you look. So depending on what look you are after, it’s important to understand the different concepts of gradient versus line. Many women want to achieve a softer, more natural look but tend to draw lines and vice versa.”

Photo: Instagram / threecosmetics

The hottest lip colour now

YS: “There is no specific colour that’s trending now because these days, there are so many wearable options available! To me, it is more about textures, just like with the eyes. Comparing glossy and matte finishes, matte is a lot more trendy right now. Not many people are going after the glossy lip look these days.”


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Photo: Instagram / threecosmetics


On getting your makeup to last longer and look fresh throughout the day

YS: “Cleansing your face and skincare is actually the first step to helping your makeup last longer. In Singapore, the temperature difference between indoor places and outdoors can be quite big because of air-conditioning. So a lot of women are actually complaining about having oily skin and using products to combat oily skin when in all actuality their skin is actually dry. And because of this, their skin produces more oil. To make matters worse, they tend to apply more powder to get rid of the oil but it’s actually a reversal effect and can, in turn, cause more damage to skin.”


His three favourite Three products

YS: “The Lyrical Lip Bloom, Flawless Ethereal Fluid Foundation and the Balancing Cleansing Oil. I really love the cleansing oil as it is important to get rid of the dirt that your skin has accumulated during the day in order to increase the effect of your other skincare products and makeup. Three’s skincare products contain essential oils so it’s really beneficial and good for your skin. Three’s base makeup products are actually considered as a second skincare line so you get to enjoy the skincare benefits used to make the foundation. As for the Lyrical Lip Bloom, no other company has done lip glosses that have a raw matte finish, a term we coined ourselves, which basically is a matte finish that is even more natural.”


This article first appeared in Female.


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