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KATE Super Sharp Liner EX, $17.00

Give your eyes extra definition with this intense jet-black eyeliner. Its angular design improves grip and stability so that you can easily create a smooth, even line, and fill spaces between eyelashes. The elastic brush has a soft brush tip that runs smoothly on skin while clinging tightly to it. Developed jointly with Pentel (makers of writing instruments), the eyeliner is smudge-resistant and adhesive. The fragrance-free formula is easily removed with warm water. Available in Jet Black.

KATE Metal Glamour Eyes, $23.50
Metallic eye makeup is one of the best ways to draw attention to your features. The result: well-defined eyes that turn heads with their lustre and radiance. This eyeshadow palette features trendy shades with light-trapping shimmer, including three complementary colours, and two glittery and metallic shades. Multiple applications of the glittery shade help contour your eyes, while the metallic colour makes your peepers appear more deep-set. Available in six colour combinations.

KATE Enamel Gloss, $7.50
The high-shine trend continues with this lustrous gloss, which adds a slick of rich colour while pampering your lips with hydrating ingredients like almond oil, jojoba seed oil and olive fruit oil. The diagonal tip makes for easy application. Available in six colours.

KATE Glamorous Lash, $23.50
Play up your eyelashes with this fragrance-free volumising mascara. It features a curved brush on one side to provide a impactful finish, and a mini brush with fibres on the other to add extra fullness to your lashes. The formula washes off easily with warm water.

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