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Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Fluid Foundation

Ah, foundation. Many women have a love-hate relationship with this makeup product. We absolutely need it in our everyday lives because it covers our flaws and blemishes and help us fake a good complexion.

But the down-sides can amount to quite a few if you haven’t yet found the perfect foundation formula. From obvious, cakey-looking finishes to that dried out sensation on your skin, we have all encountered problems with foundations.

So, if like us, you need a little foundie help, here are 5 easy tips to getting your foundation absolutely perfect, every single time:


#1. What to look out for in a foundation for oily skin types

Oily and oily-combination skin is probably the most common skin type amongst Singaporeans, due in large part to our crazy hot and humid climate. This kind of skin type face lots of problems finding the right foundation – one that does not slide off your face, disappear by mid-day and oxidise into a darker shade.

If this is you, look for a foundation that is made for your skin type, and one that promises long wear like Lancome’s Ultra Wear Foundation. It not only promises but also delivers 24-hour wear, a sweat proof formula, plus a flawless matte finish. How? The formula has perlite and silica – two of the most effective oil absorbing ingredients – that keeps skin looking velvety matte all day.


#2. How to find the right shade to match your skin tone, and that won’t oxidise

Sometimes, finding the right foundation shade can feel almost as unlikely as winning the lottery or finding your perfect partner. But it really doesn’t have to be that challenging.

First, zoom in on base makeup with a wide range of shades to increase your chances. Try Lancome’s Ultra Wear Foundation line, which has an array of 16 shades available here. You’re sure to find your perfect match. What’s more? To prevent the problem of oxidising and darkening makeup, the formula also has sodium iodide pigments to help maintain a consistent skin pH level so that the shades don’t change or darken no matter how long you’ve had it on.


#3. What to do if your skin feels dry with foundation on

The problem with some mattifying makeup formulas – they can end up feeling like a clay mask on your face halfway through the day as while they mattify effectively, they also sap the moisture from your skin leaving it feeling so dry it could crack when you smile.

Avoid the problem and only use foundie formulas that come with comfortable wear as well. Lancome’s Ultra Wear Foundation, besides being impressively long-wearing, also has the EternalSoft technology that ensures it feels weightless on the skin and leaves it soft and comfortable – never dry – all day.


#4. You don’t have to choose between good coverage and a comfortable texture

Foundations with high coverage are usually thick and you might find that the texture is rather heavy. But not Lancome’s Ultra Wear Foundation

This foundation is light, glides onto the skin easily and blends well, while providing high coverage with a natural finish that doesn’t make your skin look like you’ve piled on a think layer. Women who have tried it know that they can rely on it for a flawless, matte, long-lasting and comfy-all-day finish.


#5. How to apply your liquid foundation for the best finish

Here’s a secret. If you find a great liquid foundation that works for your skin, it doesn’t matter how you apply it – with a brush, a sponge, or your fingertips – it will still look flawless.

With Lancome’s Ultra Wear Foundation, it has such a lightweight, fluid-y texture which spreads super easily that you will find application and blending a breeze. It is almost imperceptible on the skin after you apply it so it just looks like even-toned, flawless, bare skin.

Lancome Teint Idole Ultra Wear Fluid Foundation, $68, available at Sephora and all Lancome counters.


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