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“Honey, you’re gorgeous!” Put enough exuberant emphasis on the syllables of that last adjective – go on, do your campiest impression right now – and you’ll get a close approximation of Lina Tock’s reaction upon laying her mascara-ed gaze on her completed handiwork.

Lina is Lancôme Singapore’s National Makeup Artist, and the said “gorgeous” work of art is our hapless and sporting colleague, who very kindly agreed to being the face of this tutorial. (Thanks, Tianyun!)

Joking aside, we’re recounting this amusing anecdote because we think it perfectly encapsulates the unbridled verve and vivacity that comes with being a face painter.

One of the great joys of covering the beauty beat is getting the chance to be acquainted with “colourful” characters like Lina, who have reaffirmed, time after time, that makeup can be mindblowingly fun – even if the look we’re gunning for is of the “boring”, toned-down variety.

Beauty students, listen up. Creating a clean canvas to play with is the first module to master in cosmetics class, and Lina Tock is a sage of the highest order.

The fact that Lina’s using Lancôme’s legendary base products in this tutorial is a boon, of course. We’re speaking for noone but ourselves when we say that the French prestige brand, with its romantic rose emblem and uncanny knack for elevating even the most banal of grooming regimes into something that approaches sublimity, ranks among our favourites when it comes to personal pampering …   

Seeing as we’re on the topic of skin splurges, let it be said that we’re busy clearing space on our vanity chest this year for some of the new hero products starring in the video tutorial below.

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Lingerie for nude skin: Blanc Miracle Liquid Foundation, $72, and Le Correcteur Pro, $62

On the very top of our must-have list? The insanely gratifying Le Correcteur Pro (pictured above), a nifty three-in-one concealer palette that we’ve found to be “spot-on”, so to speak, in disguising signs of fatigue. (Further reading: We’ve also used the palette in our guide to concealing dark eye circles.)

Key takeaways from Lina Tock for Lancôme? Pulling off skin that appears beguilingly bare is an art that’s surprisingly easy to master: All you need is a less-is-more approach to concealment.

For instance, resist the compulsive urge – cut off your fingers if you must! – to pile on the powder. Instead, grab a sponge and use the lightest of stippling motions only on areas where you need a little extra help, like on sunspots and zits.

We’ll leave it to the maquillage master to put you through the paces of perfecting poreless skin. Enjoy, and good luck on becoming a gorgeous guru!    

The Lancôme products featured in this tutorial are available at all Lancôme counters. For more information, visit and follow Lancôme Singapore on Facebook.