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Leona Lewis is The Body Shop’s new Brand Activist

Beauty brand The Body Shop has always maintained a vision of cruelty-free beauty and after campaigning for more than 20 years with NGO Cruelty Free International, the brand can finally celebrate the end of animal testing for cosmetics in Europe. From March 11, 2013 onwards, all import and sale of animal tested cosmetic products and ingredients will be banned in the EU.

Joining The Body Shop’s continuous efforts to end animal testing for cosmetics globally is singer Leona Lewis, who has been revealed to be The Body Shop’s new Brand Activist.

It may have been seven years since her win on The X Factor (UK), but Leona Lewis who has sold over 20 million albums remains true to her beliefs. Sharing the same beliefs as The Body Shop, the singer who is an animal lover and has been a vegetarian for a long time is a perfect partner for the brand.

“I’m passionate about beauty and I’m all about animal rights. As a result, I’m really conscious of where the products that I use come from. The Body Shop sells cruelty free, ethical products containing amazing Community Fair Trade ingredients. The collaboration is a natural fit!”, shares Leona.

To celebrate the partnership, Leona will be holding an exclusive gig for fans which will be live streamed on March 26, 2013. For more information on the gig, check out The Body Shop’s Facebook page.

Leona has also teamed up with The Body Shop to launch an exclusive cruelty-free makeup and fragrance line this coming April. The Limited Edition Collection by Leona Lewis will feature 100 per cent vegetarian cosmetics which means that the ingredients used to make the products do not come from any animal sources and that all products are made without using animal testing. The range will include fashion-forward shades that come in quirky packaging with a floral deer motif. Stay tuned to herworldPLUS for more updates on the Limited Edition Collection by Leona Lewis.