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“Entrepreneurial Age” is Hong Kong actress Angelababy’s comeback drama since giving birth to her baby boy back in January 2017.

The series focuses on the entrepreneurial journey of software developer Guo Xiannian (played by actor Huang Xuan) and his romance with colleague Na Lan (played by Angelababy), an analyst in the IT industry.

This show received many great reviews since its premiere in October. Na Lan’s polished and professional makeup has also become a hot topic amongst viewers of the show. This might be a Chinese drama but the minimalist and ultra-feminine makeup palette brings to mind the aesthetics akin to that of a modern Korean drama.

Here are some must-try tips and tricks to help you recreate her clean and wearable nude makeup look.


1. Barely-there foundation

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The focal point of Na Lan’s makeup look is her lit-from-within-luminescence. To achieve that ethereal glow, invest more time and effort into a proper skincare regime and use products that suit your skin type. For supple and bouncy skin, slather on a sleeping mask before you hit the hay.

Also, steer clear of excess cream foundation and setting powder that can look especially heavy and chalky under harsh fluorescent lights in the office. Instead, try just concealing dark circles, blemishes, and other imperfections with concealer, before evening out your skin tone with a bb cream or tinted moisturiser.


2.     Neutral eyeshadow

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The light wash of nude shadow is the perfect complement to Na Lan’s soft and pretty makeup look. On to the lids, with a damp eyeshadow brush, pick up some champagne, bronze or brown eyeshadow and press onto your lids rather than sweeping it on – doing so will lend your eyes a pearlescent luminosity.


3.     Minimalistic swipe of eyeliner

Recreate Na Lan’s understated eye makeup look by lining the entire upper lash and outer third of your lower lash line with a creamy pencil liner. Keep as close to the lash line as possible and follow your eye’s curvature.

Instead of winging it out, stop lining at the farthest end of your lash line for that natural look. Curl your eyelashes and add a slick of mascara onto your upper lashes. You can choose to skip mascara and amp up the shine of your lashes by using a clean mascara wand to wiggle clear petroleum jelly onto your upper and lower lashes.


4.     Gradient brows


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While Na Lan’s eye makeup is kept to a minimum, her brows are full and well-groomed to frame her features. By simply defining your arches, you’ll look instantly more groomed, polished and professional.

For a more youthful look, go for a gradient brow, which features a lighter shade on the inner brows that gradually darkens towards the end. To get that look, define your eyebrows with a flat angled brush and dark brown eyebrow powder. Next, fill in your brows with a round fluffy brush and light brown eyebrow powder.


5.     Coral lippy


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A satin coral lippy is all you need to round this Angelababy-inspired look. Press the lip tint into the centre of your lips with warm fingers, then purse your lips together for a natural wash of colour.


6.       Sleek ponytail with a deep side parting

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Here’s a hairstyle that will pass muster with your tight-lipped HR manager and googly-eyed secret admirer. Brush your hair all the way to get rid of any tangles and make it really smooth.

Next, create a deep side part. If you have bangs, use a styling product like pomade or hairspray to keep them slicked-down. Secure your ponytail with a hair tie and take a bit of hair from the underside of the ponytail to wrap it around the band.