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Kim Lim is the daughter of local billionaire tycoon Peter Lim. The home-grown socialite is also a first-time mum and the new brand ambassador for Cambridge Therapeutics, which helped her achieve her ideal post-baby weight. 

After Kim Lim gave birth to her first child in July, she was afraid that she wouldn’t be able to get back into shape and lose the weight that she had put on during her pregnancy – all 25kg of it! 

Being a hands-on mum, she was often tired from breastfeeding and caring for her newborn so it was hard to find the time to hit the gym. And, because she gave birth through a Caesarean section, even doing something as simple as sit-ups at home was a struggle.

Kim found the solution in Cambridge Therapeutics. Even though the she believes in a good diet and doing some exercise, Kim relies on treatments to target her hard-to-tone areas such as tummy, neck, back and upper arms. So she goes to Cambridge Therapeutics for slimming and toning treatments at least once a week. 

Kim is now a brand ambassador for award-winning medical aesthetics brand Cambridge Therapeutics because she saw excellent results after trying their treatments. She finds that the treatments they offer are very effective and most importantly, comfortable. 

Cambridge Therapeutics is recognised as a Platinum Centre of Excellence in providing SygmaBODY, Venus Legacy and the Clatuu 360° Fat Freeze. 

A highly specialised aesthetics medi-spa, Cambridge Therapeutics takes a scientific approach to beauty. Founded by highly-regarded board-certified doctors, all the remedies are physician formulated, safe and always with demonstrated results.

Kim Lim’s favourite treatments from Cambridge Therapeutics

SygmaBODY by SygmaLIFT

A non-invasive body-contouring treatment that’s excellent to target cellulite and reduce stubborn fat pockets in hard-to-reach areas of your body. Using a hand-held device and with technology that has extreme precision and depth penetration capabilities on targeted areas, SygmaBODY is an effective treatment for tightening and strengthening connective tissue and reducing fat pockets that are isolated on the belly, thighs, back and arms.

Venus Legacy Medical-Grade Slimming

This non-invasive treatment for fat and cellulite reduction as well as body shaping is ideal for women who want to get rid of post-pregnancy loose skin. It uses SMART Thermal RF combined with patented MP2 Magnetic Pulse and VariPulse technology to safely penetrate the deeper body tissues. Fats are broken down and the body eliminates the destroyed fat cells through its natural metabolic process. Light exercise is recommended after each treatment, to accelerate this process. 

Clatuu 360° Fat Freeze 

Using a modified 360degree surround cooling method for higher cooling conductivity, this non-invasive treatment is recommended for removal of stubborn fat around the tummy, thighs, arms and back. Even though fat reduction using fat freeze technology has been around for a while, Clatuu has advanced treatment options and uses an improved fat freeze technology. For example, a choice of wing-type and flat-type handpieces means wider treatment areas being targeted, in the same amount of time.

For more information, visit Cambridge Therapeutics at #08-05A2 Tower B Ngee Ann City, or call them at 6733 6729.