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Kanebo Impress IC Refining Wash

With all the glitter and heavily smoked eyes you’ll be sporting this festive season, a heavy-duty cleanser that’s gentle on your skin is an absolutely essential component of your beauty arsenal.

Enter Kanebo’s Impress IC Refining Wash. Ensconced in a delicate pink tube that’s easy to use in the shower, the mild facial cleanser is imbued with Bulgarian Pink Rose extract, which lends the product a lovely floral bouquet.

The real surprise awaits you when you lather up: The Japanese brand says that the cleanser will produce pink suds when mixed with water, elevating your bathing experience to a whole new girly level. To use, simply massage the pink bubbles into your skin in circular motions for about half a minute, then rinse off dead skin and impurities with warm water.

Kanebo Impress IC Refining Wash, $42, is available at Takashimaya Shopping Centre and selected BHG, Metro and OG department stores. For more information, visit