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Top Korean stars Lee Byung Hun and Lee Min Jung’s wedding ceremony was as luxurious and glamorous as their look, and Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young also revealed their beautiful wedding pictorial.

For it is a-once-in-a-lifetime event, brides and grooms try hard to make it perfect. Women especially want to be the most beautiful girl at their wedding so look for the perfect wedding dress and special makeup, which maximizes their beauty.

Lee Min Jung: Natural wedding makeup


“To create a clear, flawless skin look, apply a small amount of foundation evenly onto your face. Make your T-zone area smoother and powdery with a makeup compact. Lee Min Jung wanted a naturally glowing makeup look. We also gave a hint of color to her lip,” says Director of Jenny House, Oh Yoon Hee.

Lee Bo Young: Romantic pink wedding makeup


“I accentuated her pure image. I added a touch of sweet pink to her lips for the interview. I minimised the use of colour on her eyes and face, which lent her an elegant, glamorous image,” says Director of MAYN, Jeon Mi Yeon.