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Think you know all there is to know about SK-II and its cult classic Pitera Essence? Get ready to discover Pitera like never before in SK-II’s latest web series, Pitera Masterclass. This time, the brand has roped in James Corden, Naomi Watanabe, Tang Wei, and John Legend to expound the, well, the legend of SK-II’s famed Facial Treatment Essence.

Moving away from the bathroom, Pitera Masterclass takes viewers on a trip to a Japanese sake brewery to discover the story behind the origin of Pitera, with the help of its star-studded cast. As the legend goes, Pitera was discovered after a team of scientists noticed that the hands of elderly sake brewers appeared to be unusually young. Fast forward to today, and you have a best-selling, multi-award winning essence that promises to give crystal clear skin with regular use.


John Legend’s new love: Pitera Essence

The first episode kicks off with singer-songwriter John Legend serenading his new love: the Pitera Essence, with an ode titled Oh Pitera. Looks like his wife has some competition in the romance department!

“I had so much fun writing ‘Oh Pitera’! I was at home and sat down at the piano, and the whole song came to me in about 30 minutes”, John explains. “Perhaps it really is a miracle water? It was such a pleasure to join James Corden and the all-star cast Naomi Watanabe and Tang Wei to celebrate the wonders of SK-II and bring the song to life.”

My skin has never been better,” Legend croons in Oh Pitera. “I owe it to you and the magical, miracle things that you do.

 We absolutely love his smooth, soothing voice – and even smoother skin! Judging from the 40-year-old’s youthful visage, it’s clear that the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence lives up to the lyrics. You’d have to see it for yourself!



Unlike other facial products, the Pitera Essence is said to be an entire skincare routine in one bottle. Simply pat it on your skin using your palms, and you’re done. We’ve used this one-of-a-kind essence in a multitude of ways: as a quick mask, a cooling facial mist, or even as a spot treatment – we just love how it’s so easy to use, yet so effective. For busy folks (like the celeb cast), the Facial Treatment Essence is a great time-saving solution.



Where can you binge-watch Pitera Masterclass?


New episodes of Pitera Masterclass will be released every fortnight, so don’t forget to subscribe to the SK-II YouTube Channel. for the latest updates. We’ve already gotten our popcorns and PJs ready! What do you think SK-II will have in store for us next? Perhaps, an episode detailing Tang Wei’s beauty tips and skincare routine? We can’t wait.