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While we know tha­t the perfect, glowing skin, immaculate hair and taut figures of celebrities are (mostly) thanks to the army of skin, makeup, hair and fitness experts on their speed-dial, it’s their #nofilter and #wokeuplikethis bare-faced posts on Instagram and Snapchat that really get us.

Take Jeanette Aw of the hit TV series, ‘The Little Nyonya’, for example. As one of Singapore’s top actresses, we would imagine that her hectic schedule coupled with our unforgiving tropical climate would make her look less than camera-ready, but instead she rocks a dewy, glow-from-within complexion all the time. Well, luckily for us non-celebrities, you’ll be glad to know that getting in on her flawless game is actually achievable.

The Solution to Achieving Skin Perfection: ClearSK

Introducing ClearSK, a leading international aesthetics chain by doctors with 15 branches in Singapore, Shanghai and Suzhou, that has been helping women #glowup since 1999. Using only HSA and FDA-approved devices and products, ClearSK’s aesthetics programme offers a unique multi-layered sequence of treatments that target the root of skin ailments like acne scars, sagging skin, pigmentation, enlarged pores and wrinkles all at once. This treatment is designed by their doctors who will recommend just one multi-tiered treatment programme out of 80, specially tailored to suit your unique skin.

The Radiant Clear Skin Program is a deep skin renewal programme powered by DNA Deep Skin Booster – and it’s Jeanette’s beauty secret, and now it can be yours too.

“In my line of work, taking care of my complexion has slowly become a priority over the years. I’m constantly exposed to different environments, and sometimes even have to have special effects makeup on and all these add stress to the skin. I’m happy to have experts take care of my skin, working out the perfect treatment that I require for looking my best. That takes a huge load off my mind and I can feel assured and confident that I have the best team taking care of me.” – Jeanette Aw, Award-winning Actress



DNA Deep Skin Booster: Here’s how it works

Proven to show a high rate of skin healing and rejuvenation, the DNA Deep Skin Booster utilises the latest in South Korean anti-ageing and healing technology, helping to improve the physiological condition in the deeper layers of your skin, while recovering the protective layers of your skin’s surface by thickening the density of the dermis in just 4 short weeks of treatment. Studies even show this treatment helps stimulate cell growth, leading to radiant and firmer skin. By renewing so many different layers of skin at once, treatment is faster and more effective – in fact, it is done under one hour, making it a perfect lunch-time pampering session for the busy, modern woman.

Get in on Jeanette’s flawless skin game and reverse the effects of modern life (think late nights, irregular meal times and high stress) with either their Starter or Advanced treatments. Prices of DNA Deep Skin Booster starts from $128. Find out more about DNA Deep Skin Booster here:

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