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It’s quite unnerving to step into a new salon. Which hairstylist will be assigned to you? Will he or she get what you want? What type of shampoos do they use, and do they use what they display? The list of worries goes on.

In Good Hands

The people behind Japanese Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela understand this anxiety and know just what you need to feel reassured. The salon runs on the concept of Japanese hospitality, omotenashi – this means impeccable service, attention to detail and the anticipation of customers’ needs. Michaela brings together talented hairstylists from popular salons in Japan – some have worked in cities like London, Tokyo and Beijing; some have vast experience working with international magazines on fashion and hair editorials; and others are award-winning hairdressers, known for their technical skills. (So, yes, you can get that killer bob here.)

Exceeding Expectations

On top of giving you what you need, Michaela goes one step further to enhance your experience and hair condition by washing your hair with purified water free of harmful minerals. The salon also carries a comprehensive range of haircare products from its in-house brand, Michaela Pharmatica. These are produced by parent company MT Metatron, an established cosmetics company in Japan. And for another touch of Japanese excellence, all the products and machines used in the salon are manufactured in and imported from Japan.

Of Great Perms

The salon is not only known for its polished service, but also for being big on perms, dedicating a whole section of its service menu to these treatments.

Paying attention to your hair condition, Michaela will find the right perm for you. The Michaela Signature Perm, developed by the salon’s general manager, Kenta Nagatsuka, is designed to create natural waves that look glossy and healthy. While most perms tend to dry out hair, the Michaela Signature Perm is said to restore the good condition of your hair and leave it soft and supple. It is said to feel almost as if you are getting a perm and a hair treatment at the same time.

According to Nagatsuka, the key to the Michaela Signature Perm is the perm solution used. More importantly, the formula is customised according to your hair condition and thickness. As a result, the perm is said to be so gentle that it is also suitable for damaged, weakened, dry and unmanageable hair.

A Face-framing Style

Another hair texturising service to consider is the Michaela Bespoke Perm. This treatment was developed with the same principles in mind as the Michaela Signature Perm – and with the same chemical and treatment processes, but with a focus on point perming.

What is point perming? It is the process of treating smaller sections of hair, especially around the face. This is ideal for face framing to beautify and enhance the facial features.

Point perming is also the perfect treatment to try if you don’t want to commit to a whole-head perm, as it is subtler. But you’ll still love the sophisticated change it makes to your overall look.

So, whether you need a trim, a whole new style, or are simply looking for a relaxing head-spa treatment, a visit to Hair Salon Tokyo Michaela will be just the thing you need.


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