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Credit: Instagram/fentybeauty

If, like me, you belong to the society of Straight Stubby Lashes, you’ll understand what it’s like to look on with envy and a touch of resignation at those naturally endowed with thick, long flutters.

It is why a new mascara that claims to be the magic bullet (or wand) for stubborn and scanty lashes is sure to induce a hopeful little skip of the heart. Especially when said product comes from none other than Rihanna, the queen of killer makeup dos.

The first-ever mascara from Fenty Beauty, the Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara, arrived to much fanfare, being an essential makeup item that people have been asking for since the brand’s launch in 2017. We can only guess why it took so long, but perhaps the mascara’s do-it-all formula and innovative brush design had something to do with it.

What it promises

Credit: Instagram/fentybeauty

Described as one heck of an overachiever, the Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara ($39) is reportedly a do-it-all product that helps create thick, luscious and perfectly fanned-out lashes that define and open up eyes.

The brush also has the unusual design of being fat on one side and flat on the other. The fat side is said to hold maximum product so that lashes can be quickly and thoroughly coated, while the flat side is used to define, separate and curl lashes.

What happened when I tried it:

Credit: Instagram/fentybeauty

The texture is lightweight and buildable, and Fenty Beauty says it can be layered on without lashes becoming clumpy or stiff. However, I found the formula rather wet – it doesn’t have the usual clumpy, paste-like texture you’d expect of a mascara.

The wet texture didn’t really hold on to my sparse lashes and ended up smearing on my eyelids before it dried fully. Taking off the smudges then left dark smudges on the area.

It took me a few uses to get the hang of applying it: swipe the lashes on one side a couple times, then do the other eye before going back and adding more layers to the first side. I also dabbed off a bit of the mascara on tissue before applying. Even then, I found it best to keep cotton tips on hand to clean up any smears.

My eyes did look more defined and lashes appeared denser, especially at the base. I had to apply a few coats before seeing any significant lengthening effects, but the mascara’s fluid formula ensured there wasn’t much clumping.

Credit: Instagram/fentybeauty

The dual-design brush also took some figuring out, as it wasn’t immediately obvious which side is fat and which is flat. I found myself constantly holding the brush up to check if I was using the correct side. Here’s a tip: before using the flat side to comb through and separate lashes, run it lightly over a piece of tissue to remove excess product.

Overall, Fenty Beauty Full Frontal Volume, Lift & Curl Mascara is a pretty decent mascara, but it probably works best on those who already have lashes of medium length and thickness to begin with.