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If your hair is fine and straight
Surprise, even this hair type can become frizzy, due to factors such as dryness and static. Dry strands tend to absorb moisture from the air, which makes them swell up and look frizzy. To combat this, spray on a lightweight yet hydrating styling product like Living Proof Weightless Styling Spray before blow-drying your hair. This silicone-free spray has molecules that coat each strand to reportedly prevent it from absorbing moisture. To reduce frizz caused by static, use a microfibre towel instead of a cotton one; if you prefer to air-dry your hair, wait until it is nearly dry before brushing it with Philips Easyshine Ionic Styling Brush HP4585. The negative ions generated by the brush supposedly tame flyaways and make hair cuticles lie flatter, so your hair looks smoother.

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If your hair is wavy
This hair type is more prone to dryness (which causes frizz) than straight, fine hair because the natural oils from the scalp can’t coat wavy strands as well as straight ones. Miki Gao, stylist at Kim Robinson, recommends applying a hydrating curl-defining cream like Moroccanoil Curl Defining Cream on damp hair before blow-drying it – this will keep hair wavy and also prevent it from becoming frizzy during the day. Wavy hair is also more prone to friction, as the hair cuticles are more raised compared to the flat and smooth cuticles on straight hair. Dexter Ng, creative director at Next Salon, says: “The most important thing you should do when blowdrying wavy hair is to point the nozzle of the hairdryer downward – this ensures that each strand dries more smoothly.” For a smoother, shinier finish, he recommends the Revlon Laser Brilliance 2000W/Ceramic/Ionic hairdryer, which generates negative ions that help cuticles on hair strands lie flat.

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If your hair is curly
Like on wavy hair, the cuticles on curly hair don’t lie flat, making hair look frizzy. Of the three hair types mentioned here, curly locks are also the most prone to dryness, so you don’t want to dry them out further. “Blow-dry your hair a little so it’s damp, not wet,” says Dexter. Then, apply a serum like John Frieda Frizz Ease Original 6 Effects Serum to reduce unwanted volume. For more defined and tamer curls, divide the top layer of curls into three sections and use a curling iron like Babyliss Pro Miracurl on these sections. The surface of your hair is where frizz is most visible, and the heat from the curling iron will help tame and reshape curls while keeping them bouncy.

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This story was first published in HerWorld magazine April 2015