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How to get Oon Shu An's hair colour without damage or dryness! B1.png

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“Dyeing” to be blonde? You may want to hold your horses and colour with caution.

Just take it from the man managing the mane of our hair heroine of the hour, Oon Shu An, who says that pulling off her K-Pop pouf demands plenty of patience and perseverance.

“We pre-lightened her hair with a relatively aggressive bleach,” explains Calvin Gan, creative director at Hairloom salon. “Subsequent sessions involved gentler bleaching agents to get rid of any remaining yellowish undertones while protecting her hair from breakage and loss of shine.”

Top takeaway? Lightening your locks should be a progressive process, preferably in cycles over the course of a few months. Sure, you could slap on an industrial-strength DIY bleach in concentrations best reserved for sanitising sinks and sewers, but you’ll end up scorching your scalp or worse – so not worth it, woman.

How to get Oon Shu An's hair colour without damage or dryness! B2.png

… To this, all without dullness or dryness! Images: @oonshuan

So you’ve practiced due diligence and have the platinum payoff to show for it. What now? To delay the devolving of your newly bleached hair into an “ah beng” carrot-top colour, you may want to steer clear of swimming in chlorinated pools.

Another way of preventing premature fading of your hair’s hue is to pop on a chlorine-screening filter on your showerhead; this ingenious invention sieves out the desaturating chemicals lurking in your tap water.

Now, speaking of showerheads, your post-shower hair is at its most vulnerable, which means you should never ride roughshod by rubbing it dry.The solution to your towel trouble? Pat gently with a clean cotton tee instead, then follow up with a follicle-fortifying mask developed specifically for dyed hair.

For maximum shine and minimum spend, Calvin also recommends investing in a protective purple shampoo as a cost-effective weekly option for maintaining your mane. Supplement this with a professional top-up every month or so and you’ll be well on your way to Shu An-worthy hair that’s strong, super sleek and gorgeously glossy. Good luck with your locks!

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