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While colourful dresses for Easter are always getting all the attention, this is the year our nails should take centre stage. Embrace the season with an adorable new pastel manicure or cool nail art that you can wear anywhere and apply anytime, depending on whether you have a few minutes to spare or the time (and patience) it takes to decorate an Easter egg.  If you’re a rookie when it comes to nail art, fret not, here are some step-by-step instructions that will make painting your nails a breeze.


Multi-coloured half-moon



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These eye-catching half-moon nails seen on Taiwanese singer Rainie Yang will remind you of Easter eggs. Start by filing your nails into the desired shape before applying a base coat. Outline a half circle over where the moon of your nail would be with a striper brush and use a nail polish of your choice. With the same nail polish, carefully fill in the half-moon with the same striping brush.






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There is no need for an Easter egg hunt if you’ve collected the best Easter eggs on your fingertips. Pick two nail varnishes – one for the base colour and another one for the dots. Paint your nails with the base colour and wait for your nails to dry. With the rounded end of a bobby pin or a toothpick, grab some nail polish and gently dab it onto your nails to create dots. If you like, you can also alternate dotting in different colours.





This is the perfect print for spring. Instead of donning a dress in this print, have it on your nails. Pick two nail varnishes – one for the base colour and another one for the stripes. Apply your base colour and leave it to dry fully. With the other nail varnish, create two vertical lines at either side of the nail, make sure to leave a space at the edged and at the centre of the nail. Next, create three evenly spaced horizontal lines. When the polish is dry, seal it all in with a top coat.





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These nails may look tricky to DIY, but we promise – it’s easier than it seems. Start by applying a base colour all over your nails. On a plastic painting palette or disposable plastic plate, drip a few drops of pastel nail polishes of your choice. Next, grab an old shot glass and fill it up with nail polish remover. With a thin paintbrush, dip the tip into the shot glass and then the varnish to dilute the polish. Then dab the polish onto your nails, one colour at a time to create small splotches.  Before you pick up more polish on the brush, dip the brush into the nail polish remover to thin out the colour. Finally, seal it all in with a topcoat.





It is no doubt that pastel hues are the official colour family of Easter. A combination of lilac, mint and baby pink looks even better in this design. Simply paint each of your nail in the different colour, finish it off with a topcoat and you’re good to go.