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Fans of the Victoria’s Secret angel look, you’re in luck.

B Victoria’s Secret hair care line in Singapore now .png

Image: Victoria’s Secret

The brand has brought its hair care range into Singapore. Yup, the exact same stuff used on bombshells Sui He (pictured above) and Ming Xi for the shows.

Be glad to know that it smells good too: Not exactly the usual sweet scent you’ll expect from VS, so it’s safe for sensitive noses.


STEP 1. For sexy, bombshell hair, start by washing it with the Major Shine-boosting shampoo for a sexy sheen.

STEP 2. Apply the leave-in conditioner to tame frizz and flyaways for extra soft strands.

STEP 3. Then set your curls with the brand’s hairspray for marathon hold.

You’ll be able to get this whole angel routine down pat by rushing to any of the Victoria’s Secret stores, now.