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There’s an evocative allure that dances around the name Hermès, a brand synonymous with unparalleled luxury and artistic craftsmanship. As the world watched, Hermès, a titan of the luxury world, unveiled its latest coup: a stunning new chapter in its beauty métier with Le Regard Hermés, a new makeup collection for the eyes.

A palette of dreams

From top left: 01 Ombres Pétales, 02 Ombres Végétales, 03 Ombres Fauves, 04 Ombres Marines, 05 Ombres Fumées, 06 Ombres Mordorées. Photo: Hermés Beauty.

Starting with Ombres d’Hermès, a six-palette eyeshadow collection, the first thing you notice is the intricacy with which each palette is crafted. The six palettes are not just collections of colours; they are harmonies of shades, a symphony if you will, each telling its own story. Each palette contains four silk powder eyeshadows. Ranging from the soft whispers of nature to the bold proclamations of intense pigments, these colours reflect some of the house’s iconic shades that have become synonymous with the brand. The design of the palettes, with two round and two square eyeshadows, echoes the Bauhaus style, a nod to the fusion of art, craft and technology.

The Ombres d’Hermès eyeshadows come in beautifully crafted cases that are works of art in themselves, designed by the Creative Director of Hermès Jewellery, Pierre Hardy. Reminiscent of the Rose Hermès Blush and Hermès Plein Air powders, these round cases echo the brand’s heritage, with their white and gold brushed permabrass discs proudly bearing the Hermès ex-libris. To ensure the longevity and pristine condition of these treasures, each item is protected by a canvas drawstring bag, accompanied by a meticulously crafted lacquered wood applicator brush, all presented in the signature Hermès orange box.

With each formula containing between 72 and 98 percent natural ingredients, these eyeshadows are inspired by the world of silk. The matte finish is reminiscent of silk chiffon, the satin finish of silk twill, and the shimmer finish of shimmering silk lamé. The shadows promise comfort, longevity, blendability and unparalleled versatility, encouraging users to experiment, blend and layer to their heart’s content.

An eye opener

From left: 01 Noir Fusain, 02 Brun Bistre, 03 Rouge H, 04 Bleu Encre, 05 Vert Titien, 06 Violet Indigo. Photo: Hermés Beauty

Hermès continues its story about gaze with Trait d’Hermés, a collection of six mascaras. A graceful objet d’art, it carries the elegance Hermès is renowned for. The white-lacquered metal cap juxtaposed with the gold-toned base is a sight to behold. The wand, crafted with castor bean-derived plant fibers, carries a delightful secret – a hidden H. Designed for precision, it ensures each lash is coated for definition and volume. Suitable for even sensitive eyes, it’s gentle and effective. Comprising 97 percent natural-origin ingredients, it fortifies, hydrates, and magnifies the eyes.

The colours for Trait d’Hermés draw on emblematic tones long associated with the brand. The Noir Fusain mascara is a seductive allure of mystery. It’s not just black, but an enigmatic spark that promises a view as endless as the night sky. Imagine wearing a secret, a whisper of a story that only the eyes can tell. The Brun Bistre shade, on the other hand, is like a journey through a forest path lit by bronze pigments. It evokes the warmth of a sepia watercolour, subtly echoing the iconic border of Hermès’ famous orange boxes. Rouge H, a Hermès heritage colour, is deep and mysterious. It stands apart, nourished by cherry brown undertones and a hint of reddish burgundy, encapsulating its own rich history. Bleu Encre is a testament to the vastness of the night sky; its elusive depth resembles writings that stretch outward like a pair of majestic wings. With Vert Titien, there’s a recollection of vivid memories, a shade imbued with botanical luminosity that acts as a spiritual allegory, beautifully capturing natural light. Finally, Violet Indigo offers an experience of hazy azure pigments, an intense cerulean sky that defines the eyes, reminiscent of a chiaroscuro landscape.

A brush with chroma

From left to right: Le traceur, L’ombreur, L’estompeur, La brosse and the Courbe-cils. Photo: Hermés Beauty

No beauty routine is complete without the right tools, and Hermès ensures that every aspect of one’s routine is graced with finesse and sophistication.. The L’ombreur brush, designed for the eye area, ensures a seamless application, whether you’re aiming for a whisper of color or a bold statement. The L’estompeur is the maestro of blending, ensuring no line is out of place, and every hue is harmoniously merged. And with Le traceur, the finishing touches, be it a defined lash line or perfectly applied lipstick, become effortless.

In addition to their functionality, the beauty tools bear the unmistakable stamp of Hermès craftsmanship — designed by Pierre Hardy and proudly made in France. Their handles, adorned with rich colour palette, make them not just tools, but a luxury experience.

Photo: Delphine Chanet for Hermés Beauty

Discussing the Courbe-cils eyelash curler, Gregoris Pyrpylis, the creative director of Hermès Beauty, expressed his dissatisfaction with most eyelash curlers available in the market. He noted, “The curved edge is often made with shiny silver finish or black, which makes it very hard to see the lashes when you’re curling them.” Collaborating with Pierre Hardy on the collection, Pyrpylis advocated for a deviation from the norm. The outcome? A refined brushed gold version, complemented by a grey-blue silicone pad, ensuring precision in curling lashes without the risk of injuring the skin.

Photo: Hermés Beauty

With the introduction of Le Regard Hermès, every facet of one’s makeup routine finds its match in the unparalleled luxury and craftsmanship of Hermès Beauty. As this collection ensures that no detail of the face is overlooked, one can only imagine the future wonders Hermès Beauty will unveil.

Le Regard Hermès will be available from 15 October 2023, at Hermès Liat Towers, Hermès Marina Bay Sands, Hermès Takashimaya, Takashimaya Department Store, Tangs Department Store and

This article was first published in Harper’s Bazaar Singapore.