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Here’s the deal. We want makeup to be mirthful and beauty to be beguiling – which is where our first-ever pop-up Beauty Dresser comes into play. *Insert string of confetti emojis right here*

Beauty what? Yup, our Beauty Dresser (ask your Uber uncle to drop you off at Chevron House, Raffles Place) is precisely that – a souped-up space for beauty buffs such as yourself to frolic with face-paint and cavort with cosmetics …with some sweet treats thrown in for good measure.

But first, bookmark these dates in your Gmail calendar: Our dresser is open for “business” from March 6 to 8, 2017, 11am to 5pm. Has Siri done her job in jotting that down? Good. More #deets below:


There’ll be goodies galore for the taking.

Mechanics-wise, all you need to do is to swing by and snag a copy of Her World, whereupon you’ll be invited to pull open a drawer stuffed with a surprise beauty gift (thrilling trinkets from a veritable alphabet soup’s worth of brands are up grabs, from Anna Sui scents to Vidal Sassoon dryers).


You’ll get to show off your talons (and let your hair down).

Nail technicians and hair stylists will be stationed at our Vanitee booth – ask nicely and the fab folks will work their magic on your tresses and talons (for free).


You’ll get to have your face painted to perfection by the pros.

And to complement your manicure and mane, maquillage masters from Revlon will “zhng” up your makeup for an Insta-worthy mugshot (again, for free).


You’ll get to sample skincare and um, indulge in ice cream (because why not?)

Lovers of luxury can get their paws on the poshest lotions and potions from The History of Whoo – plus popsicles because well, skincare should be a sweet undertaking. (These cool confections should also come in handy, given Singapore’s clammy climate.)


Had your fill of fun? Don’t go just yet sign up for more thrills and spills.

If you’re an existing Her World Beauty Clubber (and if you aren’t, you should sign up, stat), you’ll also get to swap your timeworn tube of germy and grimy mascara for a fresh and fabulous full-sized one from Revlon, plus a ton of awesome add-ons the likes of HIC juice, Box Green snacks and G2000 vouchers, just because.

Sounds good, right? Keep your eyes peeled for the next Beauty Club soiree, and be sure to goad your girlfriends into signing up for more dandy deals and groovy get-togethers to come. Cheers to being beautiful; we’ll see you come March 6!